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Windows & Network Troubleshooting Tips and new posts

How to remove all viruses from your computer re-installing the OS is faster than removing the virus

Can't view some users' calendars after migration They can't view mailbox users' calendars until you move them to the office 365.

Don't see his old emails in Office 365 OWA after migration  You also need to remove old profile and create a new profile on Outlook.

Can't delete users in Office 365 - Resolution with screenshots  If you are using DirSync, you must delete the user from your Active Directory.

Outlook 2010 in cloud keeps prompting for credentials You will need to run Windows Update to install the following update in order to connect Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010 to Exchange Online

SetSPN -F -Q gets Unknown parameter -Q

Windows 2008 backup has failed with Event ID 517 I found it is permission issue.

Can't send email because of GFI license. GFI MailEssentials is licensed has been exceeded.

Active Directory problem because of low spaces - Resolution with screenshots Free more spaces

Remote Desktop client can't see the local drive check if we can access local drive by using address \\tsclient\[drive letter]

Can't access old emails after migrating to office 365 - Resolution with screenshots If the migration failed, you should not converted the mailbox to EMS.

Don't receive Backup Exec Notification - Resolution with screenshots He also needs to configure "Assign recipients to alert categories".

Office 365 migration failed without details - Resolution with screenshots

SonicWall Global VPN Client connection status changes to Disabled - Resolution with screenshots because the SonicWALL administrator did not assign any VPN access network(s) to the user

SonicWall VPN error: XAuth failed and User authentication has failed - Resolution with screenshots Uncheck Require valid certificate from server under user settings.

Can't login ADFS server using IE - Resolution with screenshots Switch the order of Integrated and Forms based.

Lose connecting to VMware after adding a new NIC - Resolution with screenshots

This user doesn't have an Exchange mailbox - Resolution with screenshots we find the Exchange Online Plan 1 is uncheck

One of the file paths specified for backup is under a repair Try to run disk cleanup

PS1 is not digitally signed - Resolution with screenshots Right clicking the .PS1 file, select Properties and choosing Unblock.

The identifier name cannot be processed due to the inability - Resolution with screenshots Make sure you select correct Authentication and Mailbox Permission.

Office 365 domain shows Possible service issues - Resolution with screenshots You also need to create MX and SPF records

Backup Exec Devices show low disk space - Resolution with screenshots Right click on the folder and click Pause. Then uncheck the Pause.

Event ID 517: There was a failure in creating a directory

Can't login ADFS: 401 - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials - Resolution with screenshots Edit the web.config file on each server in the AD FS federation server farm1

SetSPN -F -Q Unknown parameter -Q SetSPN -F -Q host/adfssvr.mydomain.com

Some roaming profile has v2.v2. Why? When you add the TS user profile path, you don't need to give .v2

Event ID 1521: can't locate server copy of roaming profile Security group of users needing to put data on share

There was a problem with your roaming profile - Resolution with screenshots

Internet Explorer has stopped working. Some Video drivers may cause this problem. Disable any suspected graphical drive.

Export SSL PFX format is grayed out - Resolution with screenshots check Yes, export the private key.

Troubleshoot duplicate email Run Outlook repairing.

Imported wildcard SSL doesn't work- Resolution with screenshots The client import the wildcard SSL to Certificate, but he needs to import SSL to the IIS.

Install AD FS 2 on windows 2008 r2 error You need to install AD FS on the Role instead of download it.

VMM error 2901: parameter is incorrect (0x80070057) I have Windows 2008 r2 Standard running two VMs. I need to shutdown one of them to run P2V.

VMM Error 13249: P2V a DC is not recommended Online physical-to-virtual conversion of a domain controller is not recommended

After closing excplorer.exe, you can't run any program from Start - Resolution with screenshots Click File>New Task (Run).

Microsoft office spelling doesn't work - Resolution with screenshots Some possible settings and resolutions.

StartTech USB2VGAE2 problem It works, after installing the drive.

Word 2013 Spelling doesn't work - Resolution with screenshots Locate the folder containing the custom dictionary you want, and then double-click the dictionary file.

Backup System?State: A failure occurred accessing the object It could be space issue

Event ID 34113: The job failed with the following error: The backup storage device has failed - Resolution with screenshots

Event ID 33808: An error occurred while processing a B2D command. Drive: ReadMTFData() ReadFile failed. Error=1450  - Resolution with screenshots

Event ID 57665: Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service - Resolution with screenshots

Final error: 0xe00084c8 Ė The backup storage device has failed - Resolution with screenshots

Veeam: Current license or ESXi version prohibits execution We find the client is running free ESXi (also known as vSphere Hypervisor).

An Application error has occurred when downloading Dell DVD The Dell OptiPlex 7010 Recovery DVD has built-in software keys so that Dell doesn't allow download it from the website.

Client host rejected: #5.7.1 smtp;554 5.7.1 554 is usually due to bad reverse DNS or possibly blacklisting.

Missing AAAA record at DNS server This warning means that the IPv6 address for the server

Exchange 2007 mailbox database issues When some new data is going to be wrote on this database, these White Space will be used firstly.

The Autodiscover SRV record wasn't found in DNS This issue is possibly caused by missing SRV record on the public DNS server

Exchange test passed one, but failed on three There are four methods for reaching AutoDiscover as the Web Tool tests, if one of them works, it will work.

SSL certificate failed certificate validation checks Set the Certificate Principal Name for external autodiscover using the command below

Exchange: HTTP 403 forbidden response was received Enable the Form Based Authentication.

Encrypted connection to mail server isn't available As we success accessing Autodiscover using the SRV record, we do not use the certificate for connection

Veeam: network path was not found Make sure the firewall doesn't block the Veeam. (disable it for testing).

Exchange test passed one, but failed on three There are four methods for reaching AutoDiscover as the Web Tool tests, if one of them works, it will work.

Undeliverable #5.7.1 I would like to suggest you add DNS records of yourdomain.net

server has IP addresses with conflicting site associations We find the DNS\DC was setup as Primary DNS.

Can't delete log file name robocopy empty_dir the_dir_to_delete /s /mir

The publisher of this program couldn't be verified If that doesn't work, try compatibility view.

Unsupported memory configuration DIMM mismatche slots detect All memory on the same channel must be the same

Autodiscover error code 600 There was a miss configuration on the firewall

After moving the VMware host, it can't start The VMware host was boot from USB drive.

Difficulty to setup office 365 Make sure you have setup autodiscover correctly.

Insufficient system resources to complete requested service Locate and then click the following registry subkey

Command to Troubleshoot DFS problems    Replicated Folder name and state

0xe00084c8 - The backup storage device has failed Properly disconnect and reconnect the USB drive to a different verified USB 2.0 port on the media server system.

0xe00084f4 - uknown error A selection on device was skipped I ran another live-update this morning and there were some new updates available,

Backup Exec job fails with the error "0xe00084f4 To resolve this issue always run Backup Exec Device and Media service under a Domain Admin account.

Error:9036(0x234c) Paused for backup or restore Install the hotfix 975928 and 968429 on the two DFS servers.

Windows 7 64 bit has a problem to print Resolution is install Printer software on the Windows 7 computer

Windows 7 64 bit can't print to HP printer I created LPT1 port first and then add IP port to remap the network printer

RDP session doesn't have sound - Resolution with screenshots Enable Play on this computer.

The system cannot find the path specified. (0x80070003) - Resolution with screenshots The hard disk was crashed.

Adobe Flash Player doesn't show the installation option - Resolution with screenshots Disable IE Enhanced Security

Event ID 11722: There is a problem with Windows Installer

Installation of VMware vCenter Sign-on failed with error 1722. - Resolution with screenshots You can't install VMware 5.5 SSO on Windows 7

Outlook 2010 can not connect to the new Exchange 2013 It is IE Proxy settings issue

SCCM Instillation Error: BITS Installed and BITS enabled - Resolution with screenshots navigate to Features>Background Intelligent Transfer Services (BITS).

SCCM Instillation Error: Microsoft RDC library registered - Resolution with screenshots navigate to Features>Remote Differential Compression

All users have a problem to lunch Citrix application Check the license status.

Most users can access the Citrix but none of new users can if data store down in Citrix, all existing users can access,

Don't see any computers in the SCCM Computer Management You need to click Update Collection membership

Can't access web server because incorrect IP address. - Resolution with screenshots Running ipconfig flushdns and ipconfig /registerdns on the web server fix the problem.

Citrix XenApp 7.5: Cannot connect to the server due to a certificate error- Resolution with screenshots Buy and install a certification from third party.

XenApp Server Configuration failed with -2068643838 error - Resolution with screenshots make sure you don't have the SQL server running on the same server.

Remote Desktop Services Role failed when installing Xenapp - Resolution with screenshots

Desktop Experience Role failed when installing Xenapp - Resolution with screenshots

Can't run an Application on Citrix Xenapp the server lost the trust to the domain.

Can't ping hostname  - Resolution with screenshots the computer lost the trust to the domain

Citrix XenApp license acquisition error (500) the two corrupt XML files found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\Licensing\LS\conf.

Citrix XenApp license acquisition error (-25) Appropriate licenses for XenApp edition (Advanced, Enterprise, or Platinum) are installed

This computer can't connect to the remote computer - Resolution with screenshots It is recommended to install Essentials Experience on a dedicated server.

Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials RWA is turned off - Resolution with screenshots You need to configure Essentials first.

Organization reject your message with error 550 5.1.1 They need to login Symantec cloud to add the recipient name and add the remote mail server name.

Error of activating Windows: 0xC004F074 he should use MAK key instead of KMS key.

Outlook has stopped working Repair Outlook by going to Control Panel>add/remove programs.

Windows 2012 is doesn't publish RemoteApp via MSI Windows 2012 R2 is no longer possible to publish RemoteApp programs via MSI

Installer encountered an error: 0x80070003 - Resolution with screenshots Copy the update file to a local drive and then install it.

Outlook is running slow It could be 3rd party software.

Hyper-V Boot Failed: EFT SCSI Device - Resolution with screenshots If you chose the Gen 2 VM for Windows 7, you will receive this message.

Hyper-V Boot Failed: Failed Secure Boot Verification - Resolution with screenshots Gen 2 VM only supports Win8/Win2012 or greater.

VPN error 812 on Windows 2012 R2 - Resolution with screenshots This is NPS issue.

Why does nslookup show - Resolution with screenshots Reverse Lookup Zones miss 19.16.172-add.arpa

Can't migrate mailbox from Exchange 2007 to 2013 The Mailbox database "2 GB Mailbox Database" is not the same version as the cmdlet

Outlook 2007 can't connect to Exchange 2013 on XP - Resolution with screenshots  If Outlook 2007 is running on Windows XP, it is authentication issue.

Troubleshooting SonicWall Wi-Fi Issue remotely - Resolution with screenshots  you may see No Entries like this one.

Disk2vhd Error: snapshotting volume MS VM Converter can't contact Window2s 2012 R2

Windows 2003 as VM on VMware doesn't sync the time we suggest you disable VMWare time synchronization

Terminal server Log on to is blank In multi domain environment, a common mistake of users is to log into different domain then there native domain.

Connect button is missing in RWA after upgrading IE to 11 Place the site in compatibility mode

Network issues after reboot ForeFront TMG server - Resolution with screenshots To do that , navigate to Forefront TMG>Monitoring>services.

EBS Computers show offline, but they are not Run the following command to make an exclusion for this port:

Unable to install DPM because report configuration failed Delete the SQL Encryption key using SQL Reporting Services Configuration Manager

DPM cannot connect to the Service Control Manager (SCM) Run the Setup with local administrator account

VM on Hyper-V runs very slow it is VMQ.

DPM Issues

Where is space go in DPM Storage Pool - Resolution with screenshots

DPM crashes because of Disk - Resolution with screenshots Or the disk is missing.

DFS Replication Problem - Resolution with screenshots By design, if the files are in two different servers, there will be no alert.

Where do the DPM spaces go - Resolution with screenshots DPM can only utilize blank disks

Error 5.7.1 Unable to relay in Barracuda Load Balancer - Resolution with screenshots We find he enters incorrect email address.

VMs are grayed out in VMware - Resolution with screenshots you need to turn off the power and turn it on.

Can't see domain\administrators to C drive security Only Domain controller can see domain\administrators.

VMware VM lost network connection - Resolution with screenshots Login vSphere Client and check the Summary. IP Address shows: 169.254.x.x

The SonicWALL firewall is rebooting occasionally Check for a ĎDiagnostic Code Aí message in the log during reboot.

Tow users open the same file in DFS may has a problem This is by design.

Network node disconnect IP address It is bad cable.

Hyper-V host and all VMs on it lost network connection Reboot the Host.

VMs on Windows 2012 R2 Hyper-V lost network connection Host can access the Internet and other network devices.

DFS Replication problem The last edition version will be saved

I can't find Snapshot any more in windows 2012 R2 Checkpoint has replaced snapshots.

Can't access email after migrating email from Exchange 2007 to 2013 - Resolution with screenshots We find the user still connect to Exchange server

Troubleshooting Exchange 2013 Issue - Resolution with screenshots

Troubleshooting Email Issue Ė SonicWall Related issue  The SonicWall has an issue and need to reboot.

Faulting application name: iexplore.exe with 4ce799912 Disable add-ins for a test.

The credential supplied to the package were not recognized (0x8009030D) - Resolution with screenshots

win8&2012/Canít create NIC Teaming because the NIC is disabled.pdf

win8&2012/Failed to establish a connection with host.pdf

DPM cannot connect to the Service Control Manager (SCM) Run the Setup with local administrator account

Backup Exec SQL Agent was not used to create the last full We found the client also uses Microsoft DPM to backup the same SQL server.

Some Apps can't send email via exchange Need to configure Applications to relay through Exchange server

Subfolder in DFS root is empty - Resolution with screenshots Now we were able to get data for all the users with both the servers DFS03 and DFS04 as targets

Group Policy Mapping doesn't work on administrator account- Resolution with screenshots added Administrator account to inclusion list with OR RULE to item level targeting in GPP setting

Hyper-V cannot connect to the specificity Replica server with 00002EE2 - Resolution with screenshots Add port 443 to the remote server or disable firewall for a test.

DPM shows Replication inconsistence - Resolution with screenshots

Problem to backup DFS using Backup Exec you need to use shadow copy to backup the DFS instead of backup regular folder.

Barracuda load balance doesn't work because of speed setting We fix the problem by configure HP switch port to auto 100 MB

Event ID 9 device \iaStor0 did not respond timeout period It boils down to the Bios setting of SATA configuration

can't install Hyper-V integration services I had a problem and I can't install Integration Services.

Can't Enable write cache on disk with event ID 34 if you have a BBU(Battery Backup Unit) installed.

Disconnected from remote server Error 3334 The Remote Desktop Connection Manager is currently connecting too many remote server.

Add to Selected Team is grayed out in Windows 2012 R2 - Resolution with screenshots Highlight TEAM first and the select the NIC to add.

VMware Tools problem after converting a VM from VMware to Hyper-V - Resolution with screenshots Uninstall VMware Tools before convert the VM on VMware. Note: please refer to this link for

Accessing RWW doesn't have "Connect to a computer" option - Resolution with screenshots Other Internet browser such as Firefox and Chrome doesn't support this feature.

Group policy drive maps show red triangle  - Resolution with screenshots  I can know you select the ďreplaceĒ action

gpresult shows some users \are denied from a group policy - Resolution with screenshots the permission is Read only. The resolution is check Apply group policy.

Mac can't map DFS using domain name

ShoreTel phone problem: Receiving phone doesn't ring CallerID not shown on far end if call is redirected

Can't add disk to DPM storage pool DPM requires a disk with free space so it can make it's own volumes.

DPM could not enumerate application component Exchange we need to reboot the exchange 2013 server after installing the Agent on Exchange 2013.

Event ID 7031 & 1000 after moving VM from VMwrae to Hyper-V Disable VMware Tool service and VMware update helper.

Converted VM can't access the Internet  you may lose the default gateway.

System error 67: The network name cannot be found The remote computer time is incorrect. Set the time fixes the problem

Can't install Windows Management Framework 3 - Resolution with screenshots Login administrator and install it.

Name resolution issue on Microsoft VPN - Resolution with screenshots Add DNS suffix for this connection in the client VPN settings by going to Properties of VPN>Network>IPv4 TCP/IP/Advanced>DNS.

Windows 7 VPN client receives VPN error 691 - Resolution with screenshots  you may want to enable Microsoft CHAP Version 2.

DPM 2010: Replica is inconsistent - Resolution with screenshots This issue only happens on backing up Bare metal recovery and System State.

Drobo reports data protection with yellow blinking A number of factors can cause your Drobo storage device to go into data protection mode:

The Mac user can't send email using iMail had logout from mac mail and re-launch it

Email go to junk mail folder You can do that by going to owa>option or right click on Junk E-Mail and select Properties.

Symantec Final error: 0xe0001201 - Resolution with screenshots This error can occur if Virtual File Filter (VFF) driver not installed on Backup Exec server.

Outlook Amywhere doesn't work - Resolution with screenshots The client tried to migrate Exchange from 2007 to 2013. The Certificate doesn't setup right.

IP conflict because of adding a DHCP router in LAN - Resolution with screenshots  Run ipconfig /all on the client to find the default gateway,

Problem to migrate SonicWall NSA 2400 to 3600

Can't add multiple recipients to forward to in Exchange you need to create a distribution group

Failed to login to vmware server by SOAP, port 443 - Resolution with screenshots

Unable to connect to the remote server - Resolution with screenshots

A socket operation was attempted to an unreachable network- Resolution with screenshots

Troubleshooting Veeam Issues

Remote computer that was reached is not the one you specified - Resolution with screenshots run ipconfig /flushdns on the local computer.

IE 11 can' use remote web workplace  - Resolution with screenshots Add the url of the web site in the trusted site zone

Windows time error: 0x80072746 The "0x80072746" error refers the time source is not available

Windows time error 0x800705B4 The "0x800705B4" error refers the sync request timing out.

Windows 2003 doesn't sync the time Add configuration options in the virtual machine's .vmx file:

Can't access roaming documents users loss the roaming profile connection and re-login

MS VM Converter is unable to contact Windows 2012 R2 Hyper-V MVMC is not compatible with Windows Server 2012 R2 as of today.

Don't see any disks in Dell PowerEdge server - Resolution with screenshots press F10 to run Lifecycle Control

Can't delete or format disk in Dell PowerEdge server - Resolution with screenshots

Double NATs doesn't work - Resolution with screenshots We still can't ping internal website from outside until we re-created firewall public policy on Adtran.

Windows 2008 receive a black screen sometimes.. Because of multihomed computer.

Backup Exec backup exchange data Error: "0xe000fed1". Increased number of concurrent from 1 to 5 under storage in backup exec.

Network is up and down because of a bad cable Have reboot all switches and router.

Fix doesn't clear VMware Alert automatically - Resolution with screenshots We need to right click on the alert to select Clear.

Can't send or receive emails because low space on Exchange server Exchange Event Viewer ID: 482.  6004, 16217, and 17004

Outlook 2003 shows offline If we turn it to online, it promote for the credentials. Resolution: disable or enable Exchange safe cache mode.

Network issue because of Kaspersky anti virus the client is using Kaspersky anti virus. I fixe the problem by disabling Kaspersky Anti Virus NDIS 6 filter.

Computer did not resync because no time data was available - Resolution with screenshots Then we find type of w32time in registry is NoSync.

VM network in Windows 2008 R2 lost doesn't after reboot the Switch port faster was disabled. Enabling it fixes the problem.

Windows 2012 cluster event ID 1196 If you have multi-homed host, you may have this issue too.

Windows 2012 can't access the internet Disable IPv6 and reset "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" on the server to have a test.

windows 2012 states "No Internet access" problem causes by using multiplied NICs on a single server or multihomed computer.

Why the Outlook user can't receive the emails? If all user have the same problem with some outside email, I would check the blacklist.

Why can't see email address in GAL User mail address might be hidden from GAL.

Can't login VMware vCenter Or ensure the account has admin rights.

VMware: CD/DVD Drive 1 (Connecting...)screen This issue occur because he doesn't have local Administrator access to the operating system running the vSphere Client.

Exchange Server 2013 Changes and Issues Discontinued features from Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2013

Canít add a new virtual hard drive to my virtual machine You may not have the appropriate permissions to add virtual hardware to the VM,

I canít log in ESXi server using an ad account. Check the time on your ESX Server and Active Directory and make sure theyíre synced up

Virtual Machine Manager fails with Error: 0x8033803b Re-install VMM agent.

Live Migrate crashes Hyper-V 2012 host Upgrade the NIC driver.

vSphere Client could not connect to vCenter Server Make sure you enter the correct hostname or IP address.

Can't access the remote server because of public connection

The wireless is limit because of incorrect TCP/IP settings - Resolution with screenshots Switching to DHCP fixes the problem

No VM shows up in Altaro running on Windows 2012 R2 - Resolution with screenshots Install the last Altaro Hyper-V Backup on Windows 2012 R2.

DNS issues with Event ID 404, 407 and 408 Adding the default gateway fixes the problem.

Starter GPOs doesn't show any policies - Resolution with screenshots

Printer stop working when switching to Windows 8 Install Windows 8 printer driver.

SCCM 2007 report gets Internal server error If you are using ASP reports, you may get this error.

SQL Error 18456 - Resolution with screenshots In most cases, SQL error 18456 is permission issue.

Allway sync is running very slow
It could be too much files and folders to sync

Outlook can't synchronize your mailbox, calendar, or contact your Outlook cache file (.ost) is damaged and needs to be re-created. Please follow this post to rebuild it.

 Installer encountered an error: 0x80096002 - Resolution with screenshots you may want to install Microsoft Identity Foundation using Roles and Features wizard.

Can't install AppFabric - Resolution with screenshots remove the previous installed AppFabric and re-install it.

Event ID 2 Reason-Code = 70 Please set the Cisco RV120W to also use the PEAP and EAP-MSCHAPv2 as the authentication method.

Can't remove the other users' mailboxes from my Outlook 2010  - Resolution with screenshots This issue might cause by the Auto-Mapping feature.

IO operation at logical block address for Disk 2 was retired I have seen many cases like this one. In most cases,

Email stay in outbox forever Uncheck exchange cache mode and restart the Outlook.

Event ID 12240 and 12667 regarding USB storage the USB drive has been removed from the Hyper-v host.

Transferring a large file causes problem in Hyper-V Hyper-V Snapshots can also cause that, too.

Login Windows 2008 R2 domain computer using temp profile  - Resolution with screenshots Delete %systemdrive%\users\[user name]

Can't see one user home directory on the file server  - Resolution with screenshots

I can't use Internet Explorer to open ftps site download a ftps software, for example FileZilla.

User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded - Resolution with screenshots The user profile may be corrupted. Please copy all data and then copy a good user profile.

Undeliverable email because barracudacentral.org blocks Use static IP address instead of dynamic IP Address for the Exchange.

Email Blocked By EarthLink Contact blocklist companies to remove the block.

Red flashing light on desktop power button The Power Supply is the first thing to check

Out of office for external users is not working in Exchange

Can't restore the backup because the media doesn't hot have bar code - Resolution with screenshots Go to Storage. click slot. Select the slot to inventory.

Cannot use the special principal sa with SQL Error 15405 - Resolution with screenshots sa account is disabled with red narrow down key.

Microsoft SQL Login Failed with error code 18456 - Resolution with screenshots Login Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.

Hyper-V replica stops whenever rebooting host Go the active VM on the Hyper-V, right click on it to resynchronize the replica.

Performance issue on TS as VM - Resolution with screenshots To improve the performance for the disk, here are some proactively action plans:

Event ID 20: send connect message to video subsystem failed Changing the resolution back to 100% fixes the problem.

2012 RDS- User Session cannot be logged off the stuck process in question was rdpshell.exe

Canít import group policy with No backup found - Resolution with screenshots First of all, Restore from Backup is working on the same GPO.

Troubleshooting Hard Disk slow using performance monitor Following are the counters the Microsoft Service Support engineers rely on for disk monitoring.

Virus or spyware slow down the Internet access check the performance tab to see if the workload for the network is very high.

Error code returned by print processor: 5. Access denied    Just enabled write access to our clients in the system32/spools/printers and problem solved

Terminal Server is running slow because I/O - Resolution with screenshots After running Microsoft Performance Monitor, we found Avg Length is stuck at 100 as shown below

Domain admin can't access the enterprise wireless after review the administrator user properties, we find dial-in is denied in the administrator.

Push printer driver to all after replacing one printer Yes, most 64 bit Canon printers are using the same driver.

Troubleshooting Computer slow issue Check Background programs:

SCCM client doesn't show up until restarting services Verify network connectivity.

Can't run login script on multihomed computer The problem is the laptop uses both wireless and wired connections.

Canon color printer doesn't have  - Resolution with screenshots we fix the problem by install Canon Multi Function printer driver.

Outlook: This item cannot be displayed in the reading pane We had a similar case like this one. We fixed it by installing Office 2010 SP1

Event ID 32020: Hyper-V did not allow the operation for virtual machine 'Servername' because test failover is enabled - Resolution with screenshots Even the Replica test if off, but it still running so that you need to delete the test.

Can't open email in Outlook 2010

Canít access DC and the Internet after enabling firewall If we disable the firewall. Then everything works.

Troubleshooting Hyper-V slow issues Disable NIC offload on both host and VM.

Anywhere Access: An unexpected error occurred change the NTFS permissions on the rootdrive.

RDP print job goes to the spooler then immediately Make sure Everyone has Full Control to C:\Windows\System32\Spool folder.

VM on Hyper-V is slow - Resolution with screenshots try to disable Virtual Machine Queues in Broadcom NIC properties.

SCCM Remote Tools gets access denied Resolution: Reboot the client.

Missing some NIC after update and configuration  The Dell Engineer misconfigured one NIC controller. Need to go back to BIOS to correct the problem.

Some Outlook can't access Exchange 2010 One of NIC was connecting to incorrect VLAN.

Exchange CAS is low spaces - Resolution with screenshots We found Exchange is storing about 60GB in old IIS log files.

SBS Exchange error: security certificate has been expired  The SBS 2011 console shows Internet domain name is not configured.

Hyper-V error: irql_not_less_or_equal Install latest firmware and BIOS.

Windows 7 VM Display issues Try re-installing or updating the Integration Services.

RWA error: An unexpected error occurred Rebooting the server fixes the problem.

There was an unexpected error in configuring the hard disk

Server 2012 Essentials Upgrade gets error code: 80072EE2 No, our router firewall doesn't block any website access.

The Internet domain name cannot be update

Mac can't access Windows 2008 TS Try the new Mac RDP Client Version 2.1.2

Update error 80072ee2 Finally Solved!! You may have to reboot after synchronizing your computer's time etc.

Changes in the user/group list are required or remove permission  It seems that the issue is related to the incorrect operation.

VPN Error 720 and Event ID 20253 Refresh your PC fixes the problem.

This item cannot be displayed in the Reading Pane The client Exchange Cluster has an issue.

Transmit error: code 1231. - Resolution with screenshots Adding the Default gateway fixes the problem.

Can't use mouse on Windows 2003 SP1 VM To install the Integration service, you need to have SP2.

W3SVC1 eats a lot spaces You can absolutely delete these log files or zip them or turn on NTFS compression.

Fixing Exchange Database Failed and Suspended - Resolution with screenshots Right click on the database, try Resume Database Copy and wait for a while.

Migrated Windows Server 2012 Essentials can't access some websites - Resolution with screenshots   Re-set Forwarders pointing to ISP DNS fixes the problem.

Exchange Database shows Disconnected and Desynchronizing Status - Resolution with screenshots Make sure the DAG is working as normal.

The Outlook keeps asking for entering credentials - Resolution with screenshots

VM doesn't have network connection and Microsoft VMBus Network Adapter has yellow exclamation - Resolution with screenshots In the Device Manager, right click on The Microsoft VMBus Network Adapter and click Update Driver.

VM failed to start because the switch port connection is invalid - Resolution with screenshots Re-created Virtual network.

An error occurred while attempting to start the selected virtual machine(s) - Resolution with screenshots After fixing the NIC problem, iSCSI can communicate with the SAN and we can start he VM.

Failed to power on with error "The system cannot find the path specified"  - Resolution with screenshots

Account is locked out because of virus w32.bownadup.b Clean and prevent virus w32.bownadup.b

Clean and prevent virus w32.bownadup.b Here is the MS patch you will need to prevent this from reoccurring:

Can't access host name with VPN connection - Resolution with screenshots 

SCCM Client Approved shows N/A - Resolution with screenshots Re-start MSM and SQL services on the SCCM server.

SCCM client doesn't show up - Resolution with screenshots We fixed the problem by turning off the firewall and restarting the MSM Agent Host service.

Windows Server 2012 Essentials Upgrade receives error code: 80072EE2  - Step by step with screenshots

Can't open a website - Resolution with screenshots Enable Compatibility View

I don't see compatibility view

Users tab doesn't show in Windows Server 2012 Essentials - Resolution with screenshots To enable it, click Help>Safe mode settings in the Dashboard screen.

Users tab doesn't show in Remote Web Access - Resolution with screenshots To enable it, click Options in the Dashboard login screen.

Remote Web Access is not allowed for your user account in Windows Server 2012 Essentials - Resolution with screenshots make sure the user is the member of the Remote Web Workplace Users.

RDP-TCP settings tab disappear in Windows 2012 RD In most cases, this is group policy issue

Don't have Extract All option on a zipped file

Windows 2008 R2 Hyper-v logs Event ID 28 Power off all VM's, set them all to dynamic MAC

You do not have permission to access this page in Anywhere Access - Resolution with screenshots You need to add the user to RA_AllowComputerAccess member.

There are no computer available for remote access in Anywhere Access - Resolution with screenshots You need to add the computer for the user to access it remotely.

SQL Failed:(-1073548784) Executing the query Since operating system and SQL 2005 are both 32 bit, there are limits how the memory can be utilized.

Can't print PDF - Resolution with screenshots uncheck Choose paper source by PDF page size

Problem to print PDF - Resolution with screenshots

A canít send email behalf of B even A has full permission If you assign correct permission, it may take a few minutes.

How to troubleshoot network problem in Windows 8 or 2012 - Resolution with screenshots In Start, type troubleshooting in search Settings.

Can't access the Internet because of DHCP relay on SonicWALL

Don't see RD Gateway Manage under Remote Desktop Services By default the, RD gateway manager does not display under Remote Desktop Services

The PPTP service is grayed out in SonicWALL You may have two ways to configure a service in SonicWall. I.

SonicWALL Issues - Resolution with screenshots

Remote Desktop can't connect to the remote computer in Anywhere Access - Resolution with screenshots Case 1: you need to add the user to RA_AllowComputerAccess group. To do it, navigate to domain name>MyBusiness>Users>SBSUsers in Active Directory Users and Computers.

The wizard cannot find any drives that are suitable for a backup destination - Resolution with screenshots In other case, we added iSCSI drive to the server.

UPnP is not enabled on the router in Anywhere Access - Resolution with screenshots To setup Anywhere Access, you must have router supports UPnP.

Anywhere Access to your server is blocked in Anywhere Access - Resolution with screenshots the router was setup as PPTP VPN server. Disabling the router PPTP fixes the problem.

Can't print PDF the PDF file sent to him has some printer settings and need to disable.

Email stay in Outbox forever We fixed it by unchecking the Exchange safe mode.

Issues detected in Windows server 20120 Essentials Anywhere Access - Resolution with screenshots The router doesn't support UPnP. To setup Anywhere Access, you must have router supports UPnP.

nslookup shows internet address = Run ipconfig /flushdns on the DNS server and client.

Laptop shutdown automatically after running for a while

DCPromo was unable to remove DNS delegations from the parent zone - Resolution with screenshots

Windows Server 2010 Essentials Issues - Resolution with screenshots

Undeliverable returned emails because of DNS issue you can try to use external DNS lookup on the Exchange server.

#554 5.4.4 SMTPSEND.DNS.MxLoopback might have been the outcome of the exchange CAS being configured to use an external DNS server

Can't access one computer in Windows 2012 essentials RWA Make sure no firewall block the port 3389.

Windows Server 2012 Essentials Remote Web Access Issues - Resolution with screenshots

Remote Desktop can't find the computer in Remote Web Access - Resolution with screenshots In our case, the problem is the computer is setup to use port 3390 instead of 3389. Changing the port back to 3389. That fixes the problem.

Outlook prompts for the password - Resolution with screenshots One of our users keeps receiving popup for the password.

Undeliverable return email with multiple errors- Resolution with screenshots Please refer to this page to turn off mailguard

Server rebooted automatically with Event ID 1001 the issue is caused due to the Broadcom network driver (shown above).

Hyper-V VM is no longer accessible (0x80070003) The path points to VHD are incorrect.

FTP is slow because of WebHawk

computers are offline in Windows Server 2012 Essentials Try to reboot all clients and server.

Delivery is delayed to these recipients or groups - Resolution with screenshots Make sure the computer has correct DNS settings.

HTTP 404 error when you try to access new SharePoint

ACT!: The database could not be accessed

Security Settings Do Not Allow This File To Be Downloaded

You need the right to sign in thought remote Desktop Services - Resolution with screenshots Add the user to the administrators group.

Hyper-V encountered an error trying to access an object on computer because the object was not found - Resolution with screenshots

Installing DHCP failed with error: 800f0922 Disabling the DHCP on the router fixes the problem.

Don't have Local Users & Group in VMware vSphere Client You need to login VMware host using vSphere Client not to the vCenter.

I can login one dell iDRAC but not other one The working iDRAC version is 1.54 and no-working one is 1.52.

There are lot email stay in queue with 4.7.7 Delay message Set Exchange 2010 logging

IPC Scan Non-Compliant FTP port 21 open

Desktop background is turned off during remote connection - Resolution with screenshots Open emote Desktop options to change the display settings.

VMware: Unable to connect to the MKS Try to re-build the VM using the same VM file.

Can't turn off VMware VM Try to turn off and then wait for longer time.

SharePoint: Sorry, this site hasn't been shared with you

HP Thin Client t410 has a problem with Trendnet 1GB switch replace the different switch.

VSS error: Retryable error Reboot the computer

Backup exec remote agent not detected make sure the Remote agent service is running on the remote server.

Backup Exec AOFO: Initialization failure with 800423f2 Run "vssadmin list writers" command.

LAN computers can't access company website with the internal DNS - Resolution with screenshots The fix is deleting the external domain.

Troubleshooting Unspecified error (0x80004005)

Hyper-V live migration error: RPC server is unavailable Renaming Live Migration network in the Failover Cluster manager fixes the problem

Can't install .NET 3.5 on Windows 8 with Error code: 0x800F0906 - Resolution with screenshots Run this command:

Outlook Shared Calendar shows no connection - Resolution with screenshots Changing to the new IP address fixes the problem.

NTBackup doesnít work with Last result: 0x1f  It could be Security issue

Can't connect to the network because of the distance The problem is the cable reach 300Ē limitation.

The Group Policy client service failed sign-in The VPN user had this issue after changing the password over VPN.

The Universal Unique Identifier (UUID) type is not support Try to establish the VPN again. Logoff and then try to login again.

Can't login VM after changing password If you have other computer login using the old password, logoff.

You canít visit Companyweb in RWW site and help link in RWW Run the Internet Address Management Wizard with the following steps:

Troubleshooting Error Code 80070005 - Resolution with screenshots When attempting to install or run an application,

Windows 8 can't access computers in SBS RWW - Resolution with screenshots Make sure Microsoft Remote Desktop ActiveX Control is enabled on add-on. You can check it from IE>Tools>add-on.

Can't connect to the network because of the distance The problem is the cable reach 300Ē limitation.

OWA: Your request couldn't be completed - Resolution with screenshots When accessing OWA or try to send email from OWA, you may receive this message:

This may have occurred for security reason or because your session timed out  - Resolution with screenshots

This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer - Resolution with screenshots The client create a group policy to restrict RD users to access some recourses and applications

Server Configuration doesn't show in EMC - Resolution with screenshots The resolution is opening Credentials from Control Panel. remove the cached password.

We can't process your request error in Office 365 Make sure you have enough license to cover all users.

Older emails returning to my in box in Office 365 You may want to repair Outlook desktop client

I don't see the IM icon in Office 365 - Resolution with screenshots There are many reasons for that.

I don't have option to sign in of IM in Office 365 - Resolution with screenshots You may need to login Outlook in Office 365 first. Or this page may help:

Outlook undeliverable code #554 5.7.1 failed SPF  - Resolution with screenshots The value is v=spf1 include: spf.protection.outlook.com -all.

Your message wasn't delivered due to a permission or security issue - Resolution with screenshots

Outlook Table, Picture Hyperlink Bookmark features are grayed out - Resolution with screenshots To use features, you need to switch to HTML.

Your automatic reply settings cannot be displayed because the server is currently unavailable - Resolution with screenshots The user's password has expired. Please change the password first

The logon credentials supplied have expired - Resolution with screenshots

Delivery failed with #550 5.1.1 not found The user has left the company two month ago and they just re-create a new account for her.

Don't see Active Directory Consoles After Completing the installation, you need to enable them. Here are how.

VPN Error 850: The Extensible Authentication Protocol type required for authentication of the remote access connection is not installed on your computer - Resolution with screenshots Select Microsoft: Secured password (EAP-MSCHAP v2) under Authentication.

Problem to access HP Blade system try different IE version.

Exchange 2010 Failover Cluster issue We have Exchange 2010 Failover Cluster running on 2 Windows 2008 R2 hosts

Exchange Failover Cluster Issues - Resolution with screenshots

Can't remove the default domain in Office 365 - Resolution with screenshots When attempting to remove a domain from office 365,

Office 365 Issues - Resolution with screenshots

Group policy applies to RD server but computer user login If you want the group policy applies to a user only when he login RDS but not computer he login for example windows 7,

Group Policy work on RDS but not computer I created a group policy to restrict users to access their C drive,

Could not initialize memory: There is not enough space on the disk (0x80070070)  - Resolution with screenshots We may have two options to fix this problem.

Hyper-V Replica Event ID 32022 and 32315 The Replica procedure may be interrupted sometimes by the causes most like the networking

Certificate is not trusted when access the remoteapp the client installed RemoteApp on Windows Server 2008 R2.

Remote Desktop Gateway is temporarily unavailable When accessing remoteApp on Windows 2012 RDS

Backup Exec cannot connect to the remote agent because a trust relationship was not established between the remote agent and the media server Backup Exec: The agent at address cannot be verified - Resolution with screenshots

Can't run ActiveX on PE

Time sync issue on DC running as VM We had a issue before. I believe the correct way to do is partially disable Hyper-V time sync. This post may help.

Destination host unreachable between VMs on Hyper-V Make sure the VM or host is not mutilhomed computer. If it is, disabling all NICs except one for a test.

Hyper-V live migration failed with error 0x8009030E In most cases, 8009030E error is permission issue.

Unable to map / connect to windows server 2003 It could be the server lost the sharing.

Hyper-V: server was terminated abnormally 0x00002EFE the client enables Hyper-V on Windows 2008 r2

Canít delete unknown computer or systems in SCCM database  -  - Resolution with screenshots

Cannot remote to VM's from host I am thinking that host and guest are in the different subnet.

Map Local \\tsclient\C gets error 87 Can you run gpresult /R to make sure the policy applies to the user or machine?

Office 365 Issues - Resolution with screenshots

Domain that was already added & verified by another customer I registered Office 365 30 trial for evaluation.

RemoteApp TS web access blocked IP If you believe her IP address is blocked,

Can't Access VPN at home My laptop can access office VPN in a hotel, but not from the home. Here is the ipconfig /all.

2012 RDS- User Session cannot be logged off It could be some applications are still running.

Error 7054 - The system has reached is licensed logon limit This could be server CALs issue.

Hyper-V Replication issues with Event ID 32022, 32086 and 32315 - Resolution with screenshots Microsoft-Windows-Hyper-V-VMMS-Admin

Hyper-V failed to enable replication with 0x80004004 - Resolution with screenshots   When you try to enable Replica on VM running on Windows 2012 server,

Pre-set default printer switches to office printer in RDS The client is running Windows 2008 R2 as RDS.

Error 7054 - The system has reached is licensed logon limit This could be server CALs issue. For a test, simply stop or disable the License Logging Service.

Windows TS users login using temp profile Windows TS users gets signed in with temp. profile instead of their profile.

Can't enable Hyper-V on ThinkPad S230u I bought a new Lenovo ThinkPad S230u with Hyper-V support and CUP Hyper-v feature has been enabled.

I can't run DVD in Hyper-V VM Based on my experience,

Canít start Hyper-V VM - Case collections The VM on failover cluster doesnít start. The problem is iSCSI issue. Please refer to this page:

vEthernet adapter loss IP address settings on reboot - Resolution with screenshots the client enabled Hyper-V on Server 2012 with 2 NICs.

RemoteApp prompts twice for credentials I setup RemoteApp on Windows 2012.

Hyper-V: A device attached to the system is not functioning I created a VM on Hyper V installed

Hyper-V 2008R2 live migration stuck Run Failover Validation. Quoted:

Unknown Object in Active Directory - Resolution with screenshots

Object cannot be accessed because: The specified directory service attribute or value does not exist - Resolution with screenshots

RDP Session hangs during logoff windows 2003 SP2 We have seen many cases like this one.

There are no remote desktop license servers available We installed and configure RDS with 120 day evaluation. Now, we receive this error :

The Active Directory Domain Services object could not be displayed - Resolution with screenshots

Unable to view attribute or value. You may not have permissions to view this object - Resolution with screenshots

Windows 8 VPN turns off Internet access Microsoft has a Hotfix.

Hyper-V Replica doesn't work with Event 29230 and 32000 We are running Windows 2012 with Hyper-V enabled. When attempting to run replica, we get these errors;

Export/import in Hyper-V 2008 moving VM to new SAN When export/import Hyper-V VM from one SAN to another SAN, I cannot delete the old VM as it's in use still.

Roaming profiles set by GPO fails with no error The client create Group Policy to set roaming profiles for all RDS users. This is the configuration:

Windows Quota Issues - Resolution with screenshots The client enabled Quota in their Windows 2008 R2 server. They have some issues.

VM is slow after migration from Virtual Server to Hyper-V I had a case before.

Hyper-V VM issues

Internet not working on guest operating system I have Windows 8 laptop with wireless connection. I enabled Hyper-V and install VM on it.

Metadata failed to be retrieve from server with follow error When configuring Windows 2012, you may get these errors:

RDP not functioning on Server 2008 r2 after installing windows updates, the 2008 R2 server RDP connections even it is enabled.

Hyper-V MV doesn't recognize network interface - The client installed hyper V server on windows 2008 R2,but when it didn't recognize network interface.

Canít access Administrative share We are trying to install Kaspersky on all out computer

Error (12700): VMM cannot complete the Hyper-V operation on the server

 Failed to create a new virtual machine. (Unknown error (0x8001)

Event ID 2912 Details: The server threw an exception (0x80010105)

Group Policy doesn't apply to the members of user group We are running Windows 2008 R2 RDS.

Windows 8 can't see or access other computers on LAN Make sure network discovery is enabled.

Lost network mapping drive whenever reboot windows 2003 The client has windows 2003 and shares one external drive on Drobo.

Windows 2012 RDS- slow connection to rdweb or not connecting Since we are running VM on Hyper-V, it could be TCP offload issue. This psot may help:

There are more than one matching certificate in the issuer's root cert store.  - Resolution with screenshots When running makecert command,

Failed to install .Net Framework 3.5 in Windows 2012 - Resolution with screenshots When attempting to install .NET Framework 3.5 Feature in Windows 2012

There was a problem mounting the file - Resolution with screenshots

map tsclient: System error 87 has occurred When attempting to map a TS client drive, you may receive this message:

Hyper-V: Failed to add device Virtual Hard Disk The client has Hyper-V Server 2012.

Hyper-V: The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable I used disk2vhd to convert Windows 2003 server to a vhd file.

No access to Windows Server 2012 with RDP possible Windows 7 can't access Windows 2012 server using RDP even the remote desktop has been enable and firewall is disabled.

Terminal Server 2008 Office 2007 will not install Do you have volume license version of Office 2007?

Windows DHCP doesn't release WiFi Devices' IP addresses Our Cisco wireless APs use Windows 2008 DHCP.

RD error: The local Security Authority cannot be contacted An Authentication error has occurred.

Group Policy Error: The user does not have RSOP data - Resolution with screenshots After login a domain computer, the user doesn't take the domain group policy

The Client Access Point is not available in Windows 2012 Cluster Shared Folder - Resolution with screenshots run the command IPConfig /FLUSHDNS on your computer.

Organization incoming/outgoing message size not set - Resolution with screenshots Microsoft Exchange Best Practices Analyzer shows this critical error:

Can't send and receive email because of the spaces The client installed Exchange 2012 3 month ago.

Hyper-V is not in a state to accept replication on the replica server for virtual machine

Hyper-V failed to enable replication The client enabled Replica on Windows 2012 before and then disabled it. Now, when he tries to re-enable it, he gets this message:

Second RDS session takes over first session when using the same account to login - Resolution with screenshots

Windows cannot load the user's profile but has logged you on with the default profile for the system. with Event ID 1505 and 1508 - Resolution with screenshots

SMSSME service is not started

Canít see the quarantined file in Email filter Vircom

Problem to releasing a file from Symantec quarantine

Message delayed 354 Start mail input; end with <CRLF>.<CRLF> We are running Exchange 2010 on Windows 2008 R2. One outside sender keeps receiving

Windows can't load user's profile with Event 1505 & 1508 We have been running Windows 2003 TS for many years.

Hyper-V VM failed to add device with Event ID 14140   Situation: VM in Hyper-V can start with this message:

Hyper-V VM can't get information with Event ID 12620 '[Virtual Machine Name]': Cannot get information for attachment ' C:\Hyper-V\xxxxxxx.vhd'.

Windows 7 Issues
This is the collections of Windows 7 VPN issues, Windows 7 network issues, Windows 7 sharing issues and remote access issues.

Vista Issues - Vista SP1 Issue and Troubleshooting Collections:
Vista Blue Screen;
Domain Issues; Incompatible issues; Internet Issues; Local Only; Network Issues; Print Issues; Remote Access Issues; Sharing Issues; Slow Issues; TCP/IP Issues; Unidentified Network; VPN Issues; Vista Errors; Wireless Issues; Vista How to

Troubleshooting Windows server 2008: Windows Cluster and HPC Issues; DFS Issue; Hyper-V Issues Server 2008 Randomly Crashing; Unable to see Win 2008 server via My Network Places; Windows 2008 restarts unexpectedly with error 0x000000BE; Windows 2008 How to

Windows Failover Clustering Issues

This is troubleshooting collections of an error occurred while executing the failover Clustering test, or creating the cluster; failed to connect to service manager when trying to add node

Exchange Issues
This page is troubleshooting collects of all Exchange 5.5, 2003, 2007 and 2010 issues.

Top 5 Network, VPN, Remote Access Issues...

Top 5 VPN Issues and More
Browsing over VPN Issue; VPN Name Resolution Issue; VPN Routing Issue; VPN Slow Issue; VPN Solutions

Top 5 VPN/RAS Error Codes and More
VPN Error 629 The port was disconnected by the remote machine; VPN Error 678 There was not answer; VPN Error 721 Remote PPP peer or computer is not responding; VPN Error 733 PPP protocol ... is not available; VPN Error 800 Unable to establish the VPN connection

Top 5 Network Issues and More
Computer/Master Browser issue; Access Error ...is not accessible; Connection Errors; "Network path not found" Error; Mapping Issue

Top 5 System Error Codes and More
System error  5 - Access is denied
System error 53 - The network path was not found
System error 85 - The local device name is already in use
System error 1231 - The network location cannot be reached
System error 6118 - The list of servers for this workgroup is not currently available

Top 5 Windows Event IDs and More
Event ID 1054 Windows cannot obtain the domain controller name
Event ID 1218 You do not have access to logon to this Session

Event ID 1311 There are currently no logon servers available
Event ID 2011 Not enough server storage is available
Event ID 5719
The system cannot log you on now

Top 5 TS/RDC Issues and More
The client could not connect to the Terminal server. The server may be too busy. Please try connecting later
The license will be expired in x days message even you had the license installed
You must be granted the allow log on through terminal services
Connectivity to the remote computer could not be established
The local policy of this system does not permit you to logon interactively

 Top 5 TS Licensing Issues and More
Windows cannot connect to a licensing server
TS license Error message 0x13A7, or 0x1391. 0x13A4, 0xFA1
The TS limits two connections even the TS licensing server has been installed
No Terminal Services licensing server is available in the current domain or workgroup"
Cannot find TS licensing server

Top 5 IE issues and More

Problems to access some secure Web sites; Internet Intermittently stops working; Internet dies randomly...

Top Network and VPN Issues:
VPN Error 721 Collections
VPN Error 800 Collections
Ports for windows file sharing
Computer Browsing over WAN
Can't ping remote computers except the VPN Server
Access denied when accessing a remote workstations from VPN client

Top 10 Group Policy Troubleshooting:
Troubleshooting Group Policy using Event Logs in Vista; Group Policy; Group Policy doesn't apply or take long time to update

Network troubleshooting:
The logon method is not allowed
Multihomed Issues; ISA Troubleshooting; RRAS Troubleshooting; Microsoft SharePoint Issues; Exchange 2007 Troubleshooting: IAS related Event IDs and Reason Codes TS or RDC client receive blue screen when logon; TS & RDC Printing issues; Connectivity issue after enabling Windows VPN; The drive could not be mapped because no network was found; Solution for Peer to Peer VPN using the same IP range; Troubleshooting Black Screen; Troubleshooting SBS issues using CEICW; No icons show on the Desktop; Network slow Issues; Barracuda Backup Issues

SP Issues:
XP SP3 Issues; Windows Server 2003 SP2 Issues;
Vista SP1 Issue and Troubleshooting Collections;

Other Issues
Barracuda Backup Issues; EqualLogic Issues; Fluke Issues;  GFI Issues;  Gmail issues; iSCSI Issue; Microsoft VMM Issues; McAfee Issues; Microsoft CRM Issue; Office Project Issues Pano How to; Peplink Issues; phpBB Issues; Symantec and Norton network issues; Is it possible I get virus from a web site; WINS Issues; DFS Issues; Veeam Issues; VMware Issue; VMware How to; Wyse Issues;


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