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Windows & Network Troubleshooting Tips and new posts

Malwarebytes: RPC server is unavailable Please allow WMI through Windows Firewall

Malwarebytes: Failed to open service Control Manager DB WMI needs to be enabled

Adobe PDF Converter printer driver is not installed Remove and re-install Adobe Acrobat.

Nitro Pro: There is no creation process Reinstalling Nitro Pro Office Add-Ins

Veeam: Failed to prepare guests for volume snapshot I fixed this problem by upgrade Microsoft MV intergraded service on VM

Barracuda backup problem with Event ID 8193 Make sure no other backup is running in the same time.

Printing freezes apps Disable security software such as anti virus, malware software for a test

Recipient receives email but no attachment the email comes with attachment but has been removed from recipientís server

Outlook 2016 issues Outlook 2016 can only connect to Exchange using AutoDiscover feature

Can't delete print queue with Access denied error delete related dated print queue jobs from %systemroot%\System32

Your message to email address couldn't be delivered Status code 554 5.4.14

Installation Office 365 error code: 30088-1021 Make sure the path c:\odt is correct.

Malwarebytes: Installation failed. Access denied. make sure Remote Registry running

Malwarebytes scan can't find client Disable other security software for a test

Can't verify domain information when setup iPhone email please make sure you have a good internet connection

Inbox shows 2 emails, but can't read them These email were sent before making change

Office 365: error code: 30088-1015, 30183-1011 Make sure you have enough space on the C drive.

Scheduler code 0x41301 the user just changed his password

whole network loss the connection It could be routing loop

Can't ping while tarcert works the network may have an issue

Windows 7 login screen is locked

User Profile Service failed logon. User profile can't load It may create a temp profile for the user

Acrobat 9 of selection has no available system font you can save it to DOC

Malicious Phishing attack: Attachment link to a website Run Malwarebytes or Microsoft Safety Scanner to check any virus, spyware.

Recommendations and best practices to prevent Ransomware Use discretion when clicking on links from known or unknown senders

Security Issues - Resolution with screenshots

an error occurred while attempting to export virtual machine Make sure vhd is not damaged or missing.

Error occurred while attempting to checkpoint select VM Make sure no virtual disk has any issue.

Failed to create s shadow copy of volume, error 8004230F we find the drive is low spaces.

Sector size of physical disk is not supported The client is copying the VHD file to a USB drive and attaches it to Hyper-v

can't access bank website because IP address The company has two internet providers.

Error code 30068-28 (1715) while installing Office 365 Disable anti-virus software.

Undeliverable message Detections found: JS/Injector.A a recent AV update could be the issue

Display flickering and power blinking It is memory issue

Computer keeps losing Internet connection netsh winsock reset

Troubleshooting Event ID 12344 and 8229 make the VSS service auto start and restart the computer

Can't login office 365 because of the account is locked Unlocking the account fixes the problem.

Can't send email using shared email The add-on email account is locked.

PC rebooting when inserting USB Device - case collections It can also be caused by an IRQ/driver conflict

Java - Certificate has been revoked. you may want to disable Perform certificate revocation checks on

Printer settings are ignored when printing a Word document Setup paper source on the Word fixes the problem

Room mailbox missing in office 365 They changed the display name.

image link doesn't work on pnpbb forum - make sure the BBCode is enable:

Error: can't communicate with company file due to firewall host computer close quickbook

Malicious Phishing attack: Attachment link to a website - Run Malwarebytes or Microsoft Safety Scanner to check any virus, spyware.

Password Must Meet Complexity Requirements it could be MIN age policy

Problem to install Office 365 download Office 365 package and install it locally

Office 365 takes too long to install

Request could not be performed because of I/O device error change the transfer mode of your CD-ROM

Don't see email older than 12 months By default, Outlook 2016 is setup to see 12 months emails

Office 2013 update problem On the File menu, select Account.

Get FSMO role back after primary DC down

Office 2013 encountered an error during setup run the easy fix tool to completely uninstall Office prior to installing Office 2013

Outlook trying to connect or shows disconnected removing and re-install/configure the Remove the Web Application Proxy role.

Problem of copying Hyper-V issue on Windows 2008 R2 we cannot change the vhd location when there is any checkpoints available

Troubleshooting Windows 10 search issues run SFC /scannow

Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant for Office 365 - Resolution with screenshots - Outlook is down due to a service outage

Can't start ADFS service with error 1064 - Restore web.config from the backup.

Error occurred when attempting to establish trust relation - Make sure you enter correct ADFS server name.

Undeliverable email with #5.7.1 We tried to sent Email without Signature

Website to troubleshooting Outlook issues - https://diagnostics.outlook.com/#/

Printing queue stays in printer forever - C:\windows\System32\Spool\Printers

Kyocera FS-4200 printer shows offline the another device is using the same IP address of the printer

Fixing login using temporary profile  - Resolution with screenshots Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SOFTWARE>MICROSOFT?WINDOWS NT>CURRENTVERSION>Proflelist.

Troubleshooting search and indexing problem - Resolution with screenshots Double click on indexing options.

Some options don't show up in Internet browser Try to clear cache

Windows 7 update error code (0x8007000E). download and install 3050265

Troubleshooting Windows 10 black screen issue it could fast restart issue

Could not open PDF in Windows 10 try to disable Use LLS 3.0 under Internet Option>Advanced.

Windows 10 can't use Adobe PDF use Microsoft PDF Printer instead.

Event ID 1000: Faulting application Adding more RAM fixes the problem.

Can't setup yahoo email on outlook - Resolution with screenshots Turn on "Allow apps that use less secure sign in"

We Couldnít Complete the Updates/Undoing Changes ECDEDIT /SET {DEFAULT} BOOTMENUPOLICY LEGACY. SHUTDOWM > RESTAR > f8.

Troubleshooting the Internet slow issue using SonicWall Analyzer- Resolution with screenshots Run SonicWall Analyzer to monitor the data usage

Event ID 36888 - The internal error state is 10. They have an external USB drive connecting to the server permanently, which is not recommended.

Some websites have a problem to run IE 11 turn on RC4 support by enabling SSL3 in Internet Options settings

SonicWall Analyzer doesn't show any information after firmware update- Resolution with screenshots Need to restart the services

User can't send email with Non-Delivery Report How to remove a user from a block list in Office 365

Outlook Add-ins is disable automatically Enable it on regedit by following these steps:

Backup Exec Error: Physical Volume Library Media not found go to Home icon>configuration and Settings>Backup Exec settings>Catalog.

Changing default printer automatically in Windows 10 - Resolution with screenshots Disable "Let Windows manage my default printer".

can't release email from the quarantined email Then release them from the inbox.

multiple displayers don't work after installing software Remove the installed software from programs and features.

Requested session denied Remote Control - Resolution with screenshots Check Use all monitors for the remote session.

Fix laptop's touchpad stops working Go to Settings to check mouse settings

QuickBooks 16 keep getting Abort message

Fix Windows Update 8007000E Install the KB3102810 Update.

Event ID: 521, 1, 24583 Changing Windows backup to different time fixes the problem.

Troubleshooting redirect printer issue of Remote Desktop on Mac - Resolution with screenshots Make sure the Forward printing devices is enabled in Session of RDC.

QuickBooks Error H101, H202, H303, or H505 I fixed it by unchecking Enable Network Instruction Prevention

Test Page failed to print I fixed the problem by running sfc /scannow

Mac can't print to local printer using RDP upgrade RDP.

Mac can't connect to windows 8 remotely Make sure the firewall allows the RDP connection (already stated before)

Event ID: 276 ADFS proxy was not able to authenticate run this powershell command:netsh http show sslcert

Event ID 422:Unable to retrieve proxy configuration data Re-Establish ADFS Proxy Trust Using Remote Access Management Console

Radius Client Authentication Failed (MSCHAP error: E=691 - Resolution with screenshots you can try a different user.

LDAP communicating problem or error in SonicWall - Resolution with screenshots Three places to change the group user

SonicWall LDAP test failed - Resolution with screenshots    Change the Port to389 and uncheck Use TL SS).

Can't install SEP on Windows 10 start Remote registry and disable Windows Defender

CHKDSK: Cannot lock current drive The step to take is to answer with Yes and then reboot your system

Canít read from the source file or disk   It may have some bad sectors

windows 10 update error 0x80070057 run the Windows Update troubleshooter

Windows 10 doesn't read Product key from BIOS Make sure you have the Internet connection

'adaclscan4.2' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet you should run adaclscan4.2 on DC.

Windows 10 doesn't read Product key from BIOS Make sure you have the Internet connection

Image is for a machine type other than the current machine Adprep32.exe /forestprep

Event ID: 111 and 364 The ADFS server is low space

Internet Explorer has stopped working disable add-ins

Unable to open .pdf files in Internet Explorer 10

Windows 7 Issues
This is the collections of Windows 7 VPN issues, Windows 7 network issues, Windows 7 sharing issues and remote access issues.

Vista Issues - Vista SP1 Issue and Troubleshooting Collections:
Vista Blue Screen;
Domain Issues; Incompatible issues; Internet Issues; Local Only; Network Issues; Print Issues; Remote Access Issues; Sharing Issues; Slow Issues; TCP/IP Issues; Unidentified Network; VPN Issues; Vista Errors; Wireless Issues; Vista How to

Troubleshooting Windows server 2008: Windows Cluster and HPC Issues; DFS Issue; Hyper-V Issues Server 2008 Randomly Crashing; Unable to see Win 2008 server via My Network Places; Windows 2008 restarts unexpectedly with error 0x000000BE; Windows 2008 How to

Top 5 Network, VPN, Remote Access Issues...

Top 5 VPN Issues and More
Browsing over VPN Issue; VPN Name Resolution Issue; VPN Routing Issue; VPN Slow Issue; VPN Solutions

Top 5 VPN/RAS Error Codes and More
VPN Error 629 The port was disconnected by the remote machine; VPN Error 678 There was not answer; VPN Error 721 Remote PPP peer or computer is not responding; VPN Error 733 PPP protocol ... is not available; VPN Error 800 Unable to establish the VPN connection

Top 5 Network Issues and More
Computer/Master Browser issue; Access Error ...is not accessible; Connection Errors; "Network path not found" Error; Mapping Issue

Top 5 System Error Codes and More
System error  5 - Access is denied
System error 53 - The network path was not found
System error 85 - The local device name is already in use
System error 1231 - The network location cannot be reached
System error 6118 - The list of servers for this workgroup is not currently available

Top 5 Windows Event IDs and More
Event ID 1054 Windows cannot obtain the domain controller name
Event ID 1218 You do not have access to logon to this Session

Event ID 1311 There are currently no logon servers available
Event ID 2011 Not enough server storage is available
Event ID 5719
The system cannot log you on now

Top 5 TS/RDC Issues and More
The client could not connect to the Terminal server. The server may be too busy. Please try connecting later
The license will be expired in x days message even you had the license installed
You must be granted the allow log on through terminal services
Connectivity to the remote computer could not be established
The local policy of this system does not permit you to logon interactively

 Top 5 TS Licensing Issues and More
Windows cannot connect to a licensing server
TS license Error message 0x13A7, or 0x1391. 0x13A4, 0xFA1
The TS limits two connections even the TS licensing server has been installed
No Terminal Services licensing server is available in the current domain or workgroup"
Cannot find TS licensing server

Top 5 IE issues and More

Problems to access some secure Web sites; Internet Intermittently stops working; Internet dies randomly...

Top Network and VPN Issues:
VPN Error 721 Collections
VPN Error 800 Collections
Ports for windows file sharing
Computer Browsing over WAN
Can't ping remote computers except the VPN Server
Access denied when accessing a remote workstations from VPN client

Top 10 Group Policy Troubleshooting:
Troubleshooting Group Policy using Event Logs in Vista; Group Policy; Group Policy doesn't apply or take long time to update

Network troubleshooting:
The logon method is not allowed
Multihomed Issues; ISA Troubleshooting; RRAS Troubleshooting; Microsoft SharePoint Issues; Exchange 2007 Troubleshooting: IAS related Event IDs and Reason Codes TS or RDC client receive blue screen when logon; TS & RDC Printing issues; Connectivity issue after enabling Windows VPN; The drive could not be mapped because no network was found; Solution for Peer to Peer VPN using the same IP range; Troubleshooting Black Screen; Troubleshooting SBS issues using CEICW; No icons show on the Desktop; Network slow Issues; Barracuda Backup Issues

SP Issues:
XP SP3 Issues; Windows Server 2003 SP2 Issues;
Vista SP1 Issue and Troubleshooting Collections;

Other Issues
Barracuda Backup Issues; EqualLogic Issues; Fluke Issues;  GFI Issues;  Gmail issues; iSCSI Issue; Microsoft VMM Issues; McAfee Issues; Microsoft CRM Issue; Office Project Issues Pano How to; Peplink Issues; phpBB Issues; Symantec and Norton network issues; Is it possible I get virus from a web site; WINS Issues; DFS Issues; Veeam Issues; VMware Issue; VMware How to; Wyse Issues;



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