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Q: A continuous loop at boot up after installing Server 2003 Sp1

After installing SP1 my clients system got into a continuous loop at boot up. It gets to the Win2003 screen and then back and starts again. I am able to get into safe mode. I do not want to remove SP1 to get to boot up because I would like to find the answer to this issue. I have another 6 systems to put up and I need to have the answer just in case I run in to the same on the other ones.

A: I would check hardware compatibility and software conflict. Also, any errors in Event Viewer?


Reply: Thanks Robert. Spent about 3 hrs to find the problem. It was his install of the Intell graphics driver that was not meant for his system. Some how SP1 brought out the issue.

Thank you for answering me and I also feel the same way as you as you  see from my


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