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Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection V6 Issues

Case 1: Installing RDC 6.0 on Windows 2003/XP machines stops printer redirection. Resolution 1: Upgrade the printer driver. Resolution 2:  it was indeed the thin print client.  Using the new 7.0 (RDP) version of the Client fixes the issue.  No server update required.

Case 2: Authentication via SmartCard no longer works for me.  Answer 1: You get "Network Level Authentication not supported" because the client computer (either XP or Windows Server 2003) that you are running does not support Network Level Authentication. It does not matter what is the remote computer you are connecting to (e.g. in your case, Vista). Answer 2:  Can you please reconfirm that the Smart cards checkbox in mstsc -> Options -> Local Resources -> More... section is checked? If not, please check it and try again.

Case 3: How do I get rid of that first 'Enter Network Credentials' prompt - the TS prompts me anyways even if I fill in the fields, and click remember me -- and then, it really *doesn't* remember what I typed in. Resolution:  Uncheck "Always prompt for password" in the Terminal Services Configuration -> Connections -> RDP-tcp -> Logon Settings

Case 4: Remote Desktop slow. Resolution: netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled


Also check this post for more information: Remote Desktop Connection (TS Client 6.0) is available

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Bob Lin Photography services

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