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Resolutions: TS or RDC client receive blue screen when logon.

Date:   19 Nov 2006
Time:   23:06:23 -0500


Resolutions: TS or RDC client receive blue screen when logon.
1.	The profile may be damaged.
2.	If you have roaming profile, the TS/Remote Desktop canít load the roaming profile.
3.	You have startup to load an application while the application doesnít load properly. 
4.	The TS/Remote Desktop is running a security software like Norton anti-virus that may cause the blue screen. You may try to upgrade the security software.
5.	The same client re-logon the TS while the TS is disconnecting the client.
6. 	If you use DSL connecting to a remote site, it could be the MTU issue. 

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