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Group Policy

Top 10 Checklists of Group Policy Troubleshooting
After installing Windows XP SP2 Internet Explorer GPO Settings (Internet Explorer Maintenance Policies) no longer apply correctly
Can't change group policy - Add User or Group is grayed out
Can't map network drive because of group policy
configure Group Policy display different wallpapers
Cannot edit a Domain Group Policy Object
Cannot edit a Domain Group Policy Object because of DNS settings – Case Study
Can't edit the group policy
Cannot edit a Domain Group Policy Object because the SBS is running on a multihomed computer – Case Study

Can’t import group policy with No backup found - Resolution with screenshots
Configure Windows SBS 2008 Group Policy
Content Rating policy problem
Default Domain Policy and Password Policy problem
Domain password policy not applied

"Failed to open the Group Policy object" error
 "Feature ID not registered."
gpresult shows some users \are denied from a group policy - Resolution with screenshots
Group policy applies to RD server but computer user login
Group Policy Client - Services.msc
Group Policy doesn't apply to the members of user group
Group Policy installation failed error 1274
Group policy drive maps show red triangle  - Resolution with screenshots
Group Policy Mapping doesn't work on administrator account- Resolution with screenshots
Group Policy work on RDS but not computer
Group Policy software installation fails to install on Win 7
How to Configure Group Policy Object for Terminal Services Servers
How to use Group Policy to Hide local drives
GPO Filtering: Denied
Group Policy Error: The user does not have RSOP data - Resolution with screenshots
Group Policies may not update between DCs
Group Policy can't apply to one of Windows XP workstation
INFO: The policy object does not exist
INFO: The policy object does not exist - Case 1
“INFO: The policy object does not exist" - Case 2
"Missing Active Directory Container" error

One account locked every 5 minutes
OU still shows the settings from Default Domain Policy
Receiving "Windows cannot open template file" error when opening Domain Security Policy
“RSoP data invalid. Likely causes are, data is corrupt, data has been deleted or data has never been created."
Running GPResult. Access Denied Message
Some of our users get unwanted GPO
Starter GPOs doesn't show any policies - Resolution with screenshots
System administrator policy is preventing this action
The Group Policy doesn't apply or take long time to update
The following entry in the [strings] section is too long and has been truncated
The following entry in the [string] section is too long and has truncated - Case Study
The local policy of this system does not permit you to logon interactively in SBS 2008 - Resolution with screenshots
The user does not have RSOP data
This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer - Resolution with screenshots
"This product is not installed"
Troubleshooting Group Policy using Event Logs in Vista
user has not been granted requested logon type
VPN and Group Policy
You can edit GPO but create a new GPO
Users can RDC to a DC but administrators - Case Study

MVP Group Policy Post Collections

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Re: screen saver from Group policy

Re: screen saver from Group policy

Re: Removing Outlook Express  /Windows Medi Player from Start Menu

Re: Remove the close windows X in vista


How to use Group Policy to Hide local drives.

To use Group Policy to Hide local drives, open Group Policy>User Configuration>Administrative Templates>Windows Components> Windows Explorer.  Click Hide these specified drives in My Computer.  Click to select the Hide these specified drives in My Computer check box.  Click the appropriate option in the drop-down box.


Bob Lin Photography services

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