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Blackberry: Error code 0x80040fb3

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Blackberry: Error code 0x80040fb3

Postby guest » Thu Jan 06, 2011 4:34 pm

Situation: When attempting to synchronise with Outlook calendar, you may receive this message:"Error encountered. Error code - 0x80040fb3

Case 1: The user try to sync last 5 years' calendar and total over 7000 appointments. Resolution: sync oly future appointment.

Case 2: I have the similar issue. I have the user sync by selecting the days, for example 30 days.

Case 3: I had the similiar problem where this error would occur when syncing my Calendar. I found that the Calendar entries where other people were invited (where I had clicked on "Add Invitees"), failed on import. The process I took was just setting up one basic Calendar entry with a subject, location, time and location....until I eventually found what broke it.

Case 4: Remove all pictures accociated in your address book, one could be corrupt.

Case 5: I got it resolved one of the records in my calendar was corrupt. I ran an advanced logging to figure out which record.

Case 6: I found the error was in the calendar rather than contacts so I deleted the last two days and re-synched and it seem to work.
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