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How to hide Sync Issues folders

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How to hide Sync Issues folders

Postby guest » Thu Oct 08, 2015 3:07 pm

Most of the time, these synchronization errors are the result of momentary network connection problems or who knows what, but they rarely tell you anything useful unless there is an actual problem that you are trying to solve. Unfortunately, telling that to the end user doesn’t provide them with much in the way of comfort or closure.

Here’s how to fix it.
-In Outlook 2010 right-click on the “Unread Mail” search folder and select “Customize This Search Folder…”
-In the Custom Search Folder window, make sure that the Name field says “Unread Mail” and click on the Browse button.
-In the Select Folder(s) window, uncheck all folders except for the Inbox. If the end user has created rules that move new emails into any other folder, you might want to include those also. Whatever you do, make sure you uncheck the Sync Issues folder. There is no reason anyone who isn’t clinically masochistic would want that included in a search folder.

Click OK, and OK, and, like magic, all the synchronization errors are gone.
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