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Intrudoction of IPv6 Subnet Mask

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Intrudoction of IPv6 Subnet Mask

Postby guest » Mon Nov 30, 2015 5:27 pm

IPv4 subnet masks are notation like, and In IPv6, while we still do subnetting, but the notation is different in two ways. 1. We now write subnets using a slash and a number that denotes the masking, for example IPV6ADDRESS/64 or IPV6ADDRESS/112. When you actually enter in the IPv6 address on a system, that /64 or /112 will convert to a hexadecimal number that’ll be in the middle of the IPv6 Address. So when you see an IPv6 address, while it is really long, it actually includes the Network Address: Subnet: Device IP Address in that long address string.
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