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Deleting Virtual Disks on Dell PowerEdge server

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Deleting Virtual Disks on Dell PowerEdge server

Postby guest » Fri May 27, 2016 11:47 am

Deleting Virtual Disks on Dell PowerEdge server
1 Power-up the system to start booting.
2 When prompted, press the <Ctrl><R> keys to access the PERC BIOS Configuration Utility.
3 At the Main Menu field, select Delete Virtual Disk(s). Press <Enter>.
4 Perform one of the following:
• Select each virtual disk in the Virtual Disks field that you want to delete. Press <Insert> to confirm each selection.
• Press <A> to select all virtual disks for deletion.
NOTE: The text color of the selected virtual disk(s) changes to green.
5 Press <Enter>.
CAUTION: A dialog box appears, describing the consequences of deleting the selected virtual disk(s). Deleting a virtual disk permanently destroys all data that is on the virtual disk, as well as the virtual disk itself. This action cannot be undone.
6 Press the <C> key to confirm the deletion.
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