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How to use DBAN to wide

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How to use DBAN to wide

Postby guest » Fri May 27, 2016 11:48 am

How to use DBAN to wide
1. Start the computer running the DBAN bootable CD\DVD.
2. Select Interactive Mode
Once you are able to boot to the DBAN screen, press Enter key to select interactive mode. The interactive mode give you options to select the drives you want to erase.

3. Select the drive for erasure
Highlight the drive you want to erase and press Space key. This will insert the word “wipe” in the selection box.

4. Start the wipe process
After selecting all disk you would like to wipe, press F10. This will start the erasure process.

5. Complete the wipe
When the process is finished you’ll see this screen. If all goes well you’ll see the word pass in green. You can then remove the DBAN CD and turn the computer off. And you’re done! If you see the word ERROR in red, it means there was a problem erasing the drive and not all the data got scrubbed. Try it again and if it still fails, you may not be able to use DBAN to wipe the drive. Try a different software.
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