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Acrobat 9 of selection has no available system font

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Acrobat 9 of selection has no available system font

Postby blin » Fri Jan 27, 2017 3:29 pm

Situation: The client tries t edit a PDF document, but receives this message: The adobe acrobat 9 all or part of selection has no available system font.

Case 1: I am using Adobe Acrobat 9 pro
1. Open pdf file with acrobat that you want to edit.
2. Go to size and reduce size to be able to see the entire page on your screen.
3. Go to "Tools" at the top then to "Advanced Editing" then select "TouchUp Object Tool"
4. Then drag the arrow over the entire page of text (it should highlight all the separate objects or text boxes on the page)
5. Then right click on the selected objects and click "Edit objects"
6. Illustrator should automatically open and the following error will pop up "Illustrator PDF: Warnings: The document contains pdf objects that have been reinterpreted". Click "Ok".
7. You should then have a fully editable (I think that is a word?!) illustrator document that is a virtual copy of the original pdf. You will notice some format errors and little glitches in the text here and there, but very easy to work with from there, if you use illustrator!
Anyway, I hope that helps someone out there. It has made my life much easier for sure!

Case 2: For some reason, Adobe uses a different font for the ClearScan OCR. You might try to repeat the process with Searchable text OCR. Of course, you will not see the text on the screen. However, you can save it to DOC and possibly recreate the PDF from there. At least, I have found success that way. A ClearScan OCR can not be saved to DOC for the same font reason. I have no clue why they did this font choice, rather than using system fonts. You can check the fonts used by ctrl-D>font tab.
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