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Printing freezes apps

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Printing freezes apps

Postby chicagotech » Sat Mar 04, 2017 12:31 pm

Situation: Whenever printing from an apps, HP printer freezes the apps.

1. One thing to look for is memory leaks. If it is web app, try to disable Add-ins. Otherwise, run msconfig to temporary disable some suspected software.

2. Some apps do not play well with 64 bit PCL6 drivers and universal driver. Try changing their drivers to PCL5.

3. Install latest printer firmware.

4. Search for this issue: "SplWOW64.exe is freezing up 32bit programs and halting printing on 64bit Windows 7." Quoted: "After 2 days of hearing no complaints I again had one station freezing and when I killed the splwow64.exe it had multiple instances running so that is how I know there is a problem. This was on an older station and I found it had multiple older versions of the network printer driver installed (Print Management). So I deleted them all but some of them where stuck (maybe some profiles had queued jobs) so I had to do the trick of restarting the spooler and deleting it right at the second it has come back. I then reinstalled the printer (newest driver) but it would still hang. I was also getting Excel stuck when starting with "Accessing printer" in the Excel initial screen. After a couple of restarts it was still freezing and I found a workaround on another forum to change the default printer. I did that and it WORKED! I tried to set the default printer back to the network one and it worked, but I better changed it back to other (Windows XPS) and now it is working for half a day.
So what I learned is that some applications call splwow64.exe and it somehow does not like the current network printer. But why? Back to the AV perhaps? Dodgy Windows update? These are 2 kinds of updates to the system since it was working with the old driver".

5. Disable security software such as anti virus, malware software for a test.
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