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ORA-12170: TNS:Connect timeout occurred

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ORA-12170: TNS:Connect timeout occurred

Postby chicagotech » Tue May 16, 2017 11:14 am

Situation: The client is running Relius v22 with Oracle database. After installing Relius v22 on a new computer, they receive the error "ORA-12170: TNS:Connect timeout occurred"

Troubleshooting: The ORA-12170 error can be for many reasons, firewall issue, database down, listener down, bad sqlnet.ora parm, network trouble, etc. The docs note:

ORA-12170: TNS:Connect timeout occurred

Cause: The server shut down because connection establishment or communication with a client failed to complete within the allotted time interval. This may be a result of network or system delays; or this may indicate that a malicious client is trying to cause a Denial of Service attack on the server.

Action: If the error occurred because of a slow network or system, reconfigure one or all of the parameters SQLNET.INBOUND_CONNECT_TIMEOUT, SQLNET.SEND_TIMEOUT, SQLNET.RECV_TIMEOUT in sqlnet.ora to larger values. If a malicious client is suspected, use the address in sqlnet.log to identify the source and restrict access. Note that logged addresses may not be reliable as they can be forged (e.g. in TCP/IP).

Your sqlnet.ora file can be found in your $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin directory.

In our case, we find the client enter the old Oracle server IP address. To fix it, open tnsnames.ora from C:\Oracle\product\11.2.0\Client_1\network\admin and correct the IP address.
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