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How to schedule windows backup

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How to schedule windows backup

Postby chicagotech » Mon Jun 26, 2017 11:34 am

To use Task Scheduler and the Wbadmin command to create a backup schedule
1.Click Start , click Administrative Tools , and then click Task Scheduler .
2.In the Actions pane, click Create Task .
3.On the General tab, select the Run with highest privileges check box.
4.On the Actions tab, click New , and then do the following:
a. In the Actions drop-down list, click Start a program .
b. In Program/script , type:
c. In Add arguments , type:
start backup [-backupTarget:{<TargetVolume> | <TargetNetworkShare>}] [-include:<ItemsToInclude>] [-nonRecurseInclude:<ItemsToInclude>] [-exclude:<ItemsToExclude>] [-nonRecurseExclude:<ItemsToExclude>] [-allCritical] [-systemState] [-noVerify] [-user:<UserName>] [-password:<Password>] [-noInheritAcl] [-vssFull | -vssCopy] [-quiet]

To view help for this command, at a command line, type:

wbadmin start backup /?

5.Repeat step 4 for each backup that you want to add.

6.For the rest of the fields, follow the general instructions in the Task Scheduler help for scheduling a task.
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