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Slow accessing the Internet in one office

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Slow accessing the Internet in one office

Postby chicagotech » Wed Sep 20, 2017 12:53 pm

Situation: The client uses a browser-based application to access vender’s database. Most remote offices work fine except one office in New York. The New York office is seeing a significant delay when accessing the vendor’s website.
Possible causes: 1. a networking device sent a lot packets to the Internet. Please refer to our case study: Slow Internet Access - http://www.chicagotech.net/Security/slowintrenet1.htm
2. some of computers uploaded many files to the Internet. You may want to use network analyzer for troubleshooting. Please refer to this posted case: Troubleshooting the Internet slow issue using SonicWall Analyzer http://www.chicagotech.net/Routers/sonicwall10.htm
3. virus or spyware could be the problem. Please refer to this post: Troubleshooting Internet slow issues – viewtopic.php?f=1&t=9326&start=0
4. Firewall/Security settings and network configuration. quoted:
Does my organization do anything to limit content or do the users have free reign to go wherever they want on the Internet?
Most businesses use a firewall for public access security for their network. But very few of those companies deploy an important feature called content and web filtering and, as a result, might wonder why they are experiencing slow internet as well as less overall productivity from their staff. Content filtering is an option on most firewalls and it can both limit and permit access to select websites. This feature can be implemented in a manner where the organization is still sensitive to the websites the associates require while limiting access to the ones that slow down the network and don’t serve a business purpose. Additionally, content filtering can be programmed to be implemented very specifically to limit access only to the sites that a company wants to limit or block.
What applications are using up our download and upload Internet Capacity?
Awareness of an application and its impact to the business and internet bandwidth is a helpful first step. Many line of business software applications are required to be used by multiple users and companies don’t want to limit the access to those applications. However, there are some applications or practices that have a significant impact on internet performance that may not be necessary to use especially at a critical time during the business day. For example, some companies have not thought through the running time of their file backups and large file transfers and what impact that might have on overall access and productivity. Having a strategy and policy around the timing of these bandwidth consuming activities is an important business practice
Have you educated your end users?
When multiple people in a company use a single business internet connection, more workstations and applications consume the finite bandwidth of the connection and each device gets less of the available bandwidth. Users typically are not thinking about the impact of the overall organization all using the internet simultaneously.
As an example, associates of a company need to be aware that how they use the internet at home, and what bandwidth is available to a home user versus a business user is vastly different. Communicate to staff that business internet is much more expensive and, in most cases, there is less bandwidth to go around then the single or few users that are accessing relatively high speed low cost connections at home. The Commercial internet is also limited as far as the amount of affordable high bandwidth options at a given business address and it is not as easy to scale up as it is with most home connections.
Does my organization have a limit on the number of sessions allowed at once?
Sites like Pandora, Spotify, Facebook are not only using bandwidth but are silently and constantly communicating with advertisers and are taxing the company firewalls capabilities which has limitations as to how many “sessions” or instances of communications it can sustain. Often just communicating to associates that having multiple applications open on their workstation or other device is negatively impacting the organization will help. Educate staff that having an application left open (like they might just do at home without any impact) adds to this congestion and many times the user is not even conscious that this is bogging down the network by not closing out applications that are running but not in use.
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