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Exchange 2007 and GC

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Exchange 2007 and GC

Postby guest » Fri Jan 25, 2008 3:05 pm

Situation: you would like to know whether Exchange 2007 will continue to use other DCs and work properly if the single GC is down. Will Exchange 2007 continue to access the GC to see whether it is
available again? If this is not correct, please feel free to let me know.

Please understand that Exchange server needs to use GC to perform some
tasks, such as Address Book lookup, distribution list membership lookup,
which cannot be performed against other normal DCs. Therefore, it is
necessary to have a GC in each Active Directory site where Exchange 2007

In order to increase the uptime of the Exchange server, if the single GC in
a site go down, the Exchange 2007 will attempt to contact the GC in other
Active Directory site. In the meantime, the Event ID 2085 will be logged.
If no available GC can be found in the entire Active Directory forest, the
Exchange 2007 will not be fully functional, for example, the mail flow can
be stopped. However, the computer running Exchange 2007 will not shut down

Also, Exchange 2007 uses Active Directory Topology Service, which is a
wrapper around DSAccess, to maintain the Active Directory topology. When a
GC is down, DSAccess will attempt to open an LDAP connection on port 3268
every 5 minutes to check for a response.
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