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Can't ping windows 2008

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Can't ping windows 2008

Postby guest » Thu May 21, 2009 1:53 pm

Using a Windows 2008 Enterprise server as a router in a lab
> environment. It has three interfaces, each on a separate subnet.
> Traffic is routing properly between all three interfaces. The only
> problem is that none of the hosts on any of the subnets can ping the
> Windows interface (their default gateway). They can ping any of the
> hosts on any of the different subnets, but not the router itself.
> When I do a "arp -a" on a client machine, I see that he's able to arp,
> but the 2008 server isn't responding to those icmp requests. I'm not
> doing any inbound or outbound filtering on any of the interfaces. Is
> this by design? Any way around it? Thanks.
> Steve

Figured it out. Didn't realize that there was a default firewall
policy that didn't allow icmp inbound.
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