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Understand VMware Definitions and products

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Understand VMware Definitions and products

Postby guest » Fri Jun 19, 2009 11:46 am

* Cluster – A collection of ESX Server hosts, managed by similar policies, permissions,
and administrators.
* Console Operating System (COS) – The operating system used by ESX Server hosts to
provide administration and management services, also known to as the Service Console.
* ESX Server – The core component of the Virtual Infrastructure package. ESX Server
provides the operating system that allows virtualization and the abstraction of hardware
* ESX Server host – A physical server running an instance of the ESX Server software.
* MKS Access – An acronym for Mouse Keyboard Screen Access. Represents a
connection to a virtual machine using a client that simulates access to the physical mouse,
keyboard, and screen of the remote system.
* Virtual Environment – Represents an implementation of Virtual Infrastructure
components that are used to provide services.
* Virtual Infrastructure 3 (VI3) – A set of software components and services that enable
the implementation and management of a virtualization datacenter.
* VirtualCenter Server – A management server that allows for administration of ESX
Server hosts through defined users, groups, and permissions.
* VMkernel network - The VMkernel network carries traffic that enables Virtual Infrastructure services such as VMotion and softwareinitiated
* VMware Dynamic Resource Scheduling (DRS) – A Virtual Infrastructure capability supporting automatic allocation of physical resources between virtual machines.
* VMware High Availability (HA) – A Virtual Infrastructure capability automatic failover protection for virtual machines.
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