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VMware host or Guest have intermittent network connectivity

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VMware host or Guest have intermittent network connectivity

Postby chicagotech » Tue Nov 24, 2009 11:25 am

Case 1: The VMware virtual network adapter was not setup correct. PLease check this article to check the network adapter settings.
How to check the status of VMware virtual network adapter - http://www.howtonetworking.com/virtuali ... vmware.htm

If you don't have the network adapter, please follow this step to add it.
How to add a network adapter in VMware Guest OS - http://www.howtonetworking.com/virtuali ... vmware.htm

Case 2: speed/duplex settings are mismatched between two switches, between a switch and a router or between the switch and a workstation or server. To configure spped and duplex in Vmware network adapter, please check this how to.

How to configure the speed and duplex on VMware host network adapter - - http://www.howtonetworking.com/virtuali ... vmware.htm

Case 3: The guest operating system is not configured properly. To troubleshoot this issue, run ipconfig /all on th eguest OS to check the status of the tCP/IP settings.

Case 4: all virtual michinaes worked fine until the client added a new virtual machines and they receive the message network cable is unplugged in the guest operating system. The issues may be caused by insufficient available ports on the vswitch.

case 5: The vswitch network link status shows a red X over it, which means the link is currently down.

Case 6: An ESX host or guest temporarily loses network connectivity when a failover or failback event occurs. STP is used to accomplish a loop-free environment. When STP convergence is initiated it forces all of the physical switches in the STP domain to dump their forwarding tables and relearn the STP topology and all MAC addresses. This process can take between 30-50 seconds. During this time, no user data passes through the port. Some user applications can time out during this period. Connectivity is restored when the STP domain completes this convergence. To prevent the 30-50 second loss of connectivity during STP convergence, you can set STP to Portfast on all switch ports that are connected to network adapters on an ESX host. Or disable STP (however, it is not recommanded to disable STP).
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