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RemoteApp popup for logon only from the Internet

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RemoteApp popup for logon only from the Internet

Postby blin » Wed Nov 07, 2012 12:33 am

Situation: The client has RD server running on Windows 2008 R2. they can access RemoteApp internally. But it keeps popup for logon when accessing it from the Internet.

Resolution: 1.
I have Troubleshooting TSWeb and RDWeb Internet access issues - case collections - http://www.chicagotech.net/remoteissues/rdwebissue1.htm. I am copying here:

Case 1: Do all users have the same issue? If it is only one user, maybe the user profile is just corrupted and try a different user.

Case 2: Since it works internally, we may check the firewall and security software. Make sure it allows access form the Internet. Please check this post for more details: Question regarding event 4634 and 4624

Case 3: Make sure defaultTSgateway is the Internet DNS name, not the internal one. Please check this post for more details: RDWeb: can access internally but cannot access externally

Case 4: make sure certificate matches the FQDN. Please check this post: Cannot connect to ts gateway outside my network

Case 5: Make sure listing the internal server name in the remote app setup. Please check this post: Remote Desktop cannot find the remote computer type the name

Case 6: The problem could be that RD Gateway certificate is not trusted on the client machine. Please check this post for more details:

Case 7: the TS Gateway server must be resolved from the public network. Please check this post for more details: Unable to connect to ts gateway from outside
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