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Configure Load Balancing on FatPipe Warp

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Configure Load Balancing on FatPipe Warp

Postby chicagotech » Fri May 29, 2015 9:50 am

Round Robin - configures FatPipe WARP to send sessions down lines in rotating
order. This method is recommended for similar speed connections to the
Internet, even if the connections are not of the same ISP (e.g., combining two
similar speed fractional T1s and a DSL line).

Response Time c- onfigures FatPipe WARP to balance traffic based on each line’s
average response time for Internet requests. This method is recommended for
unequal speed connections. The fastest line will be used more often with
Response Time.

Fastest Route - configures FatPipe WARP to balance traffic on a per-destination
basis. Each session will go over the fastest line for its destination. Choose this
option when you want to make sure each session goes out the line with the
fastest route for its destination. (There is slight overhead with this algorithm
since SYN packets get sent out on all lines at the start of each session).

Weighted algorithm - configures FatPipe WARP to balance traffic in proportion to
the WAN weights defined by you. Each interface needs to be assigned a weight.
For each new outbound session, this algorithm finds the interface whose current
throughput to total throughput ratio is farthest below the ratio determined by its
weight, and send the session on that interface.
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