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Solved: reload DNS whenever restarting SBS

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Solved: reload DNS whenever restarting SBS

Postby blin » Wed Jan 03, 2007 2:45 pm

Q: I installed a SBS box this weekend and have this problem...
>> Whenever the server has to be rebooted, I have to run "reload DNS" for
>> Internet connectivity. They have PPPoE for internet and I ran the CEICW
>> wizard initially. It has all of the proper settings for the static IP,
>> DNS
>> etc. The server has 2 NIC's and is set to do DHCP. I also have the
>> forwarders pointed toward the ISP and the clients pointed only toward the
>> server for DNS.
>> They have a router - Netgear fvs-318, but I disabled pppoe and dhcp on
>> it.
>> Furthermore, I feed it with the server LAN connection in one of its 8
>> ports,
>> leaving the WAN port open. I think that in that way it just being used
>> as a
>> switch. I mention this, because it is may be relevant. If there is a
>> better
>> way of configuration using the router's WAN port, let me know how it to
>> configure it. I really don't think the router is the problem, because
>> when
>> the server is rebooted, it also can't get on the internet until I reload
>> DNS.
>> Any ideas?

A: Cable/DSL modem or PPPoE connecting to SBS standard directly is problematic. You should add a router between the modem and the SBS.
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