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can't access shared fodler in DFS

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can't access shared fodler in DFS

Postby guest » Wed Jul 28, 2010 7:45 pm

If a client cannot gain access to a shared folder specified by a Dfs link, check the following:

Use the Dfs administrative tool to identify the underlying shared folder.

Check status to confirm that the Dfs link and the shared folder (or replica set) to which it points are valid. For more information, see "Checking Shared Folder Status" earlier in this chapter.

The user should go to the Windows Explorer Dfs property page to determine the actual shared folder that he or she is attempting to connect to. For more information, see "Tracking Shared Folders" earlier in this chapter.

The user should attempt to connect to the shared folder directly by way of the physical namespace. By using a command such as ping , net view , or net use , you can establish connectivity with the target computer and shared folder.

If the Dfs link has a replica set configured, then be aware of the latency involved in content replication. Files and folders that have been modified on one replica might not yet have replicated to other replicas.
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Re: can't access shared fodler in DFS

Postby jordan54 » Fri Jul 30, 2010 6:45 am


1. Share and NTFS permission

Please check if you have granted the users with the different Share and NTFS permissions on these share folders and files. We need to verify that the user have permission to access the misrepresented folder.

2. Hidden Share folders

Please check if there are any hidden share folders on the file server.

3. DFS share with Access-Based Enumeration.

When the client connects to DFS share and Access-Based Enumeration is enabled on these share folders at the same time, Windows Explorer will not display files or folders that a user does not have right to access.

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