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Microsoft DFS Replication Latency Issue

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Microsoft DFS Replication Latency Issue

Postby guest » Wed Jul 28, 2010 7:54 pm

Be aware of the latency issues already discussed regarding replication of Dfs namespace knowledge. Because the topology knowledge is stored in the domain's Active Directory, there is some latency before any modification to the Dfs namespace is replicated to all domain controllers.

From an administrator's perspective, remember that the Dfs administrative console connects directly to a domain controller. Therefore, the information that you see on one Dfs administrative console might not be identical with the information about another Dfs administrative console (which might be obtaining its information from a different domain controller).

From a client's perspective, you have the additional possibility that the client itself might have cached the information before it was modified. So, even though the information about the modification might have replicated to all the domain controllers, and even if the Dfs servers have obtained updates about the modification, the client might still be using an older cached copy. The ability to manually flush the cache before the referral time-out has expired, which is done from the Dfs tab in the Properties window in Windows Explorer, can be useful in this situation.
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