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Tool for migarting Cisco ASA to Fortigate

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Tool for migarting Cisco ASA to Fortigate

Postby chicagotech » Thu Nov 02, 2017 2:51 pm

Q: we are planning to migrate from cisco ASA firewall to Fortiget. Is there a tool to migrate Rules, NAT, VPN and all policies on cisco firewall?

A: You can use foticonverter.
•yes it's not free
•yes it does a good job , but some item will STILL need to be reviewed after conversion
•it's not 100% fool-proof
•your sales team can give you a demo ( free )
•read the release notes on what's is or not supported and based on cisco ASA or PIX or whatever
•review all ipsec and webvpn stuff and convert these by had or manually imho
•after all of the above, than give it a spin if you think it will help

FWIW if you have one cisco ASA and let's say under 100 fwpolicy and under 100 address objects, you are not doing anything crazy with multi-context o qos, I would not waste buying a FortiConvertor.

It's a tool but it's not 100% fool-proof or even required for 7 out of 10 orgs that I've see purchase it. I also would not migrating anything without conducting a 1st fw-security audit and review what you have NOW. It makes no sense to migrate junk or bad practices or implementation from one cisco ASA to a fortigate imho ;)
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