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How to install License in Cisco ASA

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How to install License in Cisco ASA

Postby blin » Thu Dec 10, 2015 1:00 pm

Step 1: Obtain the serial number for your ASA by entering the following command.
hostname# show activation-key

Step 2: Go to the following licensing website:
Enter the following information, when prompted:

•Product Authorization Key (if you have multiple keys, enter one of the keys first. You have to enter each key as a separate process.)

•The serial number of your ASA

•Your e-mail address

An activation key is automatically generated and sent to the email address that you provide. This key includes all features you have registered so far for permanent licenses. For time-based licenses, each license has a separate activation key.

Step 3: From the command line interface (CLI), enter configuration mode using the "conf t" command.

Step 4: Type the "activation-key" command following the new activation key, for example

ciscoasa(config)# activation-key XXXXXX ###### activate

Step 5: Once you have followed these steps, please go ahead and check the new license by doing:

ciscoasa(config)# sh activation-key detail
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