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Unable to see Win 2008 server via My Network Places

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Unable to see Win 2008 server via My Network Places

Postby guest » Sat Mar 22, 2008 2:38 pm

I have Win 2008 Std with AD installed. I'm unable to see the server in My Network Places as I do my Win 2003 servers. What have I done wrong?

- Hello,

Yes, we should enable Network Discovery in the Network and Sharing Center first. Network discovery is a network settings that affects whether your computer can see (find) other computers and devices on the network and whether other computers on the network can see your computer.

There are three network discovery states:


This state allows your computer to see other network computers and devices and allows people on other network computers to see your computer. This makes it easier to share files and printers.


This state prevents your computer from seeing other network computers and devices and prevents people on other network computers from seeing your computer.


This is a mixed state in which some settings related to network discovery are enabled, but not all of them. For example, network discovery could be turned on, but you or your system administrator might have disabled a firewall exception that affects network discovery

Network discovery requires that the dnscache (DNS Client Service), fdrespub (Function Discovery Resource Publication Service), ssdpsrv (SSDP Discovery Service), and upnphost (UPnP Device Host Service) services are started, that the Windows Firewall exception for network discovery is enabled, and that other firewalls are not interfering with network discovery. If some but not all of these are true, the network discovery state will be shown as Custom.

By default, SSDP Discovery Service and UPnP Device Host Services are disabled on Windows Server 2008. That's the reason why your network discovery mode is in Custom mode after you turn it on.

I recommend you check all servers' firewall settings first to ensure the Windows Firewall exception for network discovery is enabled. After that, please check whether you could ping the other servers or access other servers via \\PCNAME.

If this works but you still can't see other servers in the Network Places, I recommend you try enabling ssdpsrv and upnphost services on your server and have another try.

Please also check the network location settings. Based on the network location you choose, Windows assigns a network discovery state to the network and opens the appropriate Windows Firewall ports for that state. If Public place location is chosen, this will keep your computer from being visible to other computers.

I hope this helps. Thanks


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