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Synchronize WSS shared documents

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Synchronize WSS shared documents

Postby guest » Sat Apr 26, 2008 10:20 am

Generally, SharePoint does not have out of box function to make the synchronization between shared folder and document library. As we can access the
SharePoint document library through UNC path (WebDav protocol), so you can write command to copy the documents from shared folder to document

For example, we have a document library called DocLib located in site http://Server, we can use the UNC path \\Server\Doclib to access the document
library. Thus, we can use COPY command to archive this:

Copy \\FileServer\Share\*.* \\Server\DocLib

You can save this command as .bat file and use Windows Scheduled Task to run it.

In order to access SharePoint document library through UNC path, we need to meet the following conditions:
- WebClient service should be started via Service snap-in (services.msc). The client actually use the WebDav protocol to communicate with the web server.
- The document library can only be located in a site in port 80. WebDav in Windows XP/Windows 2003 uses TCP port 80 for outbound communication, and
the DAV redirector does not support encrypted HTTP, such as HTTPS or Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).
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