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Printer going offline on terminal server

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Printer going offline on terminal server

Postby chicagotech » Tue Sep 04, 2007 10:13 pm

> I have a Windows 2003 terminal server that has a networked printer
> installed for use by a remote user. The user is connected to the
> terminal server via a hardware VPN, and the printer is located on the
> remote LAN, and has an integrated IP print server connected to the
> remote LAN via Ethernet, so the terminal server prints to the printer
> via a standard IP port.
> Occasionally (about once per month for the last three months), the
> printer will go offline. I hear about it when the user calls me to
> indicate that she can print locally, but not via the application on
> the terminal server. By the time I log onto the terminal server, I
> can ping the printer, and its status shows "Offline". When I
> double-click the printer, then go to File -> Use Printer Offline, the
> status becomes "Offline - Offline", and it does no good for me to put
> it back online.
> The only way I know to resolve the issue is the restart the Print
> Spooler service. Two questions:
> 1. Is there another way to force a re-connection besides restarting
> the print spooler?
> 2. Is there a way I can give a limited-access user (inheriting
> membership in the local Users group on the terminal server from the
> user's membership in the AD Domain Users group) access to get the
> printer online again? I most certainly am not going to explain to an
> end user how to restart the print spooler on a server that hosts
> multiple users having different printers in different locations.

This is usually due to a bad printer driver - you might try updating it
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