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Vista Desktop PC wireless connection issues, problems

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Vista Desktop PC wireless connection issues, problems

Postby drumdr » Sun Oct 07, 2007 5:13 pm

Hello everyone,

Brand new to the forum. Thanks for having this. I seem to be finding quite a few articles resembling a common Vista issue, but no solutions yet for my specific problem.

Running a Vista Desktop (HP Pavilion) with Home Premium.

The issue: Since taking the system back to original factory settings twice, I now have connectivity from my wireless adapter. EUB-362 EXT. (http://www.engeniustech.com/datacom/products/details.aspx?id=154)A little miracle of a USB device. This unit has worked for me over a year with my tablet (XP based OS). I have good connectivity in my area to log onto a wireless network and have since getting the device mentioned above. My connection speeds are super fast, so this isn't the issue. I have also used this device with other XP based desktops with no problems.

When I plug the USB WLAN device in, it connects to my preferred (wireless) network (isp provider). After about 30 seconds, it disconnects for no reason. I have updated the driver for the device from the manufacturer with Vista compatibility software. I can pull the USB cable out, plug it back in, and I get the net for about 30 seconds, then it turns off.

I then try to connect to a different service in my area... but this time, it tells me that it can't connect at all... and thus begins to eliminate each location one at a time from the list. So, I unplug the USB device, plug it back in... the internet connects to my preferred connection for about 10 seconds, then we start all over again.

I'm not currently running the WLAN client utility which originally came with the hardware because it wasn't working anyway with Vista.

Here's the problem that's driving me crazy. The connectivity is there... then it stops. When the device IS working, it works great! Fast, and complete. I can download a file... let's say 50mb; and the device downloads the entire file without a hitch. The second it's completed, it boots me off the connection. For instance, I downloaded a driver/software package update for my monitor. The download worked fine... then it kicked me off.

Anyone have any idea why this would continue to be an issue? I have disabled the firewall: not installed any Anti-virus software, disabled windows defender, told the firewall to allow all the programs I'm using, etc... all to no avail.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.[/list][/url]
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Postby chicagotech » Sun Oct 07, 2007 6:57 pm

Have you tried to use static IP address?
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Okay, here we go

Postby drumdr » Thu Oct 11, 2007 11:39 pm

Being an IT guy and knowing quite a bit about software, different OS's, etc... etc... I naturally thought that switching a vista system to xp would be easy. It was, and it wasn't.

I'll try to include what I found with lingo that Google will find.

Switching Vista to XP:
1st, make a copy of all your drivers. write it down, make a CD, whatever.
This is the most important thing. When rebooting your HD to XP, you'll need this info.
2nd, make sure driver software exists for the XP OS before you make this jump. This is equally important as Vista does retrofit, however XP doesn't and won't use vista peripherals. Make sure XP software exists for your applications, hardware, motherboard, etc...
3rd, for the WLAN problems some of us experience in Vista, or sometimes in XP: Most of these problems have been explained by better brains than me in this forum already. Connectivity issues can vary and range from a variety of interference. Everything from a bad install of software, to bad connection. For me, the 30+ hours I spent over 5 days trying to figure out why Vista would not run my WLAN device for more than 10 seconds, was a challenge I could not back down from. I did everything. I unchecked boxes, I reconfigured devices, I shortened cables, I reinstalled XP NINE times during this process. It was all solved by a simple USB adapter.

When installing XP over Vista (because Vista sucks monkeys), the newer motherboards and hardware usually only carry the Vista drivers from the manufacturer of the PC. You must obtain the drivers from the actual manufacturers of the different companies. For instance: HP may carry all the drivers (All Vista) but NVIDIA will carry all the monitor, LAN, Modem, Graphics Card, etc... on their website for Vista AND XP! Many of you already know this. But in case you didn't know, USB 2.0 is somewhat of a mystery. It's almost impossible to find a 2.0 driver for USB. If you'll notice, when checking the USB component in a Vista system, the drivers under the Device Manager will read installation dates of 2006 or 2007. If you reload XP over a Vista OS, Microsoft will update the drivers, but only to the original 2001 patch. I didn't notice this until after a particular time when I put in my WLAN device, and it said that it would run faster using a USB 2.0 port. I thought, "Hey, this is a brand new fricking machine... it is 2.0!!!" I was right, and I was wrong too.

So, I went to good Ol' Wal-Mart, and picked up an external USB 2.0 device... one that guaranteed the 2.0 and speed upgrade from 1.1. I plugged it in and Viola'!!! My Wireless LAN device now works, AND stays on like it used to. Do yourself a favor, save some time, go buy the external USB hub (with 3 or 4 extra ports) and try it out... it'll do wonders for $10!

Hope this helps.
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