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How to hide subfolders under a sharing folder

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How to hide subfolders under a sharing folder

Postby guest » Tue Nov 06, 2007 11:42 am

Q: hi i have one file server here and there is many shared folders in this
server.allready i gave share level permissions. but when users accessing the
servers its showing all shared folders in the system for them , so i want to
show only the accessing user share folder for every user , other users share
folder should be hidden . can u pls help how to configure ?

A: How to hide child folders:
To achieve this, we have to use a tool: ABEUI.exe. For your reference, I
have listed the main steps about using this tool here:

Note: ABEUI is only applicable on Windows 2003 Server. If the file server
is not running Windows 2003, we are not able to hide the shares based on
permissions. Thank you.

Step 1: Download and install the tool:
Please download ABEUI from the following link and install it on the file

Windows Server 2003 Access-based Enumeration
http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/deta ... 78d9-4342-

Step 2: share a folder:
1. create a share folder named share with everyone read permission, users
can visit it via command \\server\share
2. Create two child folders (test1 and test2), remove users group from the
NTFS permission.

Note: as ABEUI works on permissions, we have to check the permission and
make sure users do not have permission to the folder if they are not
expected to see the folder. To achieve this, we will have to disable
inheritance for these child folders. Thus, it can require a lot
administration to modify permissions if there are many share folders. Thank
you for your understanding.

3. create two new users (User1 and User2), please grant permissions as

Test1: only administrator and User1 has read permission
Test2: only administrator and User2 has read permission

4. Enable ABEUI on the share folder with command line: abecmd /enable share.

Note: if you would like to enable ABEUI on all shares on server, please run
command abecmd /enable all.

5. Please try to visit \\server\share with different user accounts. The
result shall be:

Administrator can see both child folders test1 and test2.
User1 can only see test1 folder.
User2 can only see test2 folder.
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