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My wireless connection was renamed

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My wireless connection was renamed

Postby chicagotech » Sat Nov 24, 2007 2:50 pm

What would cause Vista to all of sudden rename my wireless connection? What
it's done is added a 2 (number 2) to the name. For example the name of my
wireless might be 'MyWireless' and now Vista is calling it 'MyWireless 2
(MyWireless). The name is fine else where and the connection appears to be
good. I removed the network connection, re-booted and came back in (had to
re-enter the key code) and the number 2 is still there.

What I ended up doing was do a search in the registry for the name of my old
router. I found it, but right next to a line or two below was and entry
dealing with my current router and it's name. There I could see the number
'2', as in MyWireless (2). I simply removed the number 2. Re-booted and
now when I do the mouse over and go to the Network and Sharing Center, all
signs of the number 2 are gone and my connection works as good as it always

Nothing earth shattering, but that number 2 bugged me and I had to figure
out how it get rid of it.


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