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Windows Vista Tips

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Windows Vista Tips

Postby blin » Thu Nov 30, 2006 2:52 pm

1. Classic Menus – If need you can return to the classic views just hit the ALT key. However, stay with the Windows Vista default configuration for better productivity.
2. Find them, and then run them – You might use the Start menu Search box to type an application’s name, and then press enter to run it.
3. MS-DOS command prompts – Type ‘command’ in the Start menu Search box, press Enter and you can return to command land. You can also use the Start menu Search box in place of the Run dialog box.
4. Classic View – Return to your glory days with just a click and you will find the familiar Control Panel View, however the updated Windows Vista Control Panel is so much more useful you may never need that Classic View.
5. Windows® Shared View – Windows Shared View is easier to connect with others, share information and collaborate on projects.
6. Turn off and start up more quickly. When you click the power button on the Start menu, Windows saves your work and programs just as they are, and then puts the computer to sleep. When you use Sleep, your computer typically wakes up in one or two seconds.
7. Collaborate with a co-worker - Windows Meeting Space is a new experience in Windows Vista that enables you to start an impromptu collaboration session with other Windows Vista users. Simply open Windows Meeting Space and start a session.
8. Recover a previous version of a document - Windows Vista introduces a new feature: Previous Versions. This allows you to “roll back” the clock to an earlier version of a file that you may have accidentally saved over or edited.
9. Share a folder or file directly from your PC - With Windows Vista you can now share folders and individual files with any other user on the same corporate network. From any explorer, select a file or folder and on the command bar choose the option to Share. Enter the name of another
user on the same network, and give them appropriate rights of access—reader, co-owner, etc.
10. Speed up your PC’s performance - Windows ReadyBoost™ lets people use flash memory on a USB 2.0 drive, SD Card, Compact Flash, or other memory form factor to provide additional memory cache—memory that
the computer can access much more quickly than it can access data on the hard drive. Insert a USB 2.0 memory drive with at least 512 MB capacity. When prompted, click use this device to speed up my computer.
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Postby Bill Castner » Mon Dec 18, 2006 7:22 pm

Start, and in the search box type "firewall"

You will see that you have a choice of two firewalls. The first, the defaullt, is similar to the XP SP2 firewall.

The second choice is a more comprehensive firewall. It controls outgoing as well as incoming traffic among other features.
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Postby guest » Wed Jan 03, 2007 12:16 pm

So, the default firewall is for controlling incoming while the second firewall is for controlling incoming and outgoing. Am I right?
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Postby blin » Sun Feb 11, 2007 11:27 am

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Re: Windows Vista Tips

Postby jordan54 » Mon Mar 08, 2010 5:49 am

Hi I have deliberately chosen a wide range of tips - something for everyone. A few of my tricks were also available in earlier operating systems, but that revelation does not make them any the less useful for Vista.
•Mouse Scroll Wheel Resizes Icons
•Check Your Vista Stats
•Environment Variable: To Troubleshoot 'Phantom' Devices
•Open Command Window Here
•Hide Contents of A Folder From Vista Indexer
•Speed up Vista?
•Increasing the Vista Activation Period to 120 days.
•Microsoft Software License Manager
•NCPA.CPL - Network Connection Shortcut
•On Screen Keyboard osk.exe
•Auto Logon for Vista Home Editions
•ClearType Font
•Sendto - Try, Shell:Sendto
•Ask for a Vista refund!
•10 New executables - and 20 old friends
•10 Lost Features
I think you will also use vista tips
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