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I can't connect wirelessly with 2 different boards

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I can't connect wirelessly with 2 different boards

Postby barbers » Fri Dec 07, 2007 11:54 am

I can't connect to a Dlink DI-524 wireless router from an Acer notebook
equipped with Vista Home Premium. I have tried first with the integrated
Broadcom 802.11g board and then with a Dlink DWL-G122 USB adapter and in
both cases at ipconfig level the wireless board looks "disconnected" and
pinging the router issues error 1231. At router's side the statistics says 0
packets received even if at connection level on the notebook there is
excellent signal and in a peer-to-peer connection with another PC both
boards are working.
Now I have inspected all possible wireless malfunction
(config parameters, conflicts with the firewall, WZC, broadcast flag etc.)
and have updated the fw of router and boards with no result. I also tried to trace the line with NetStumbler but it doesn't see my board...
I read here of a malfunction case like mine in a post by Mick (Brisbane,
Australia) of May 27 "Wireless doesn't work because of router firmware"
He said he was not able to connect wirelessly his Acer E700 notebook
equipped with Vista home premium to a Dlink router, with a number of
wireless boards (PCI gigabyte, Dlink usb, Netgear usb) - he only succeeded
in connecting with the Ethernet cable. Then he reported he found a solution
by means of updating the fw of the router and that the problem was due to
the Vista wireless driver answering packets from the router too quickly,
while the wireless driver for WinXP waited some delay and had not the
problem. So it seems his problem was at low level (level 1 or 2 of ISO-OSI
stack) according to my data (0 packets received and the connection working peer-to-peer).
Now I think his problem can be the same as mine but unfortunately he didn't
supply the model of his router and wireless boards and so I can't retrieve
the info. I also wrote to him but his mail address is not active.
If someone can help or give suggestions I'll appreciate
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Postby chicagotech » Fri Dec 07, 2007 12:14 pm

Try a simple test. Setup the wireless without security and assign static IP on the Vista. Can you ping the wireless router?
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I can't connect wirelessly with 2 different boards

Postby barbers » Fri Dec 07, 2007 6:10 pm

Setting fixed IP adddress was one of the first tests I've made and the result is negative. Now I found the valuable article "Troubleshooting wireless problems with Vista" by Microsoft and I inspected the WLAN autoconfig operational log, showing "Connection failed" to this service, due to "Driver disconnected at association level" (this is phase 2 in a list of 11 quoted by MS article). The same error is reported in "Wireless Diagnostics" after starting and stopping linetrace (anyway the Wlan autoconfig service is working). Moreover by keying "netsh wlan show all" I see "Interface disconencted" and the same by "Ipconfig".
I'm regretting my old Datascope, if you know about it, this was an old 10 kg box that I connected to communication lines and was able to see anything travelling on the cable, even V24 signals... Anyway what could I do with this wireless devil's stuff?
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Postby Bill Castner » Sun Dec 09, 2007 11:33 am

Do a:

netsh wlan show all >wireless.txt
notepad wireless.txt

Post the contents of the notepad session back to the Forum.


1. Do you have SSID broadcast enabled on the router? If not, please do so.
2. Do you have MAC filtering active on the router? If so, please turn it off.
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I can't connect wirelessly with 2 different boards

Postby barbers » Mon Dec 10, 2007 7:21 pm

(I have activated the broadcast flag at router's side and don't set IP filters)
Now magically the connections works and as usually I don't know why... I only restored factory settings on my router... Clearly some of them didn't match with something at notebook's side... I only noticed that in connection properties radio frequency type sometimes was set to "non broadcast" and sometimes to 802.11g.
Now I must face other higher level problems - I protected my Wlan with WPA2 and get connected but I can't get rid of a "default" unprotected connection that often authomatically hooks my neighbour's router. I tried to delete it but magically it pops up again... I'd like to define at least 3 connection types:
1) when I'm at home I'd like to connect to my encrypted Wlan and not to
my neighbour's
2) when I'm out near some public access point I'd like to connect to it in protected mode
but I don't know its SSID
3) and also I think a peer-to-peer connection would be useful.
I'm trying to create all these connections but I don't know how
to set the 3 parameters
1) authomatically connect when network is in computer's field
2) connect to a network with higher preference if available
3) connect even if network is not broadcasting - I think this has to do with
the broadcast parameter at router's side
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