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can see but not access because of Norton

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can see but not access because of Norton

Postby guest » Mon Jan 07, 2008 11:52 pm


Trouble was the Norton firewalls, we disabled the firewalls and the
networking started working fairly good.



"Adams Qu [MSFT]" wrote:

> From the problem description of the post you submitted, my understanding
> is: the networking in the workgroup environment does not work properly and
> below is the symptom
> 1. Windows XP Professional is able to see all of the machines on the
> network but cannot access them due to the "Access Denied" error
> 2. XP Home Edition machines cannot access the "View workgroup computers"
> and the "Access Denied" error is returned.
> 3. Vista can only see itself.
> If I have misunderstood about your concern, feel free to let me know.
> According to above symptoms, we suspect that the issue is caused by the
> security program such as Firewall running in the background, or the
> incorrect security configuration. Let's take the following steps to do the
> troubleshooting first:
> First of all, please temporarily uninstall any Firewall or other security
> program on the three network computers. Based on the Knowledge Base as well
> as some other users' feedback, we found that the firewall is the most
> common cause of this behavior. Therefore, I suggest that we uninstall (not
> disable) this kind of software on the system and check this issue. I
> appreciate your cooperation on this issue.
> To remove the third party applications from these computers(XP Home, Pro
> and Vista) , please follow the steps below:
> ---------------------------------------
> 1. Click the Start button and double click on Control Panel.
> 2. Double click "Add or Remove Programs" ("Programs and Features" in Vista)
> 3. Look in the list for any third party Firewall applications such as
> Norton, AVG, Zone Alarm, Trend Micro, Panda Software, etc. and remove them
> one by one.
> Please understand that we are removing these programs only for the purpose
> of troubleshooting and we can reinstall these programs after we finish
> troubleshooting.
> If the Windows Firewall is also enabled, please disable it as well on all
> the machines:
> 1). Click Start->Run, type: Firewall.cpl in the Run box and then press
> Enter.
> 2). In the "Windows Firewall" window, please set the setting to "Off (not
> recommended)".
> After doing above steps, please reboot the three machines and then test the
> issue again.
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