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Solved: Vists wireless doesn't match required settings

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Solved: Vists wireless doesn't match required settings

Postby chicagotech » Sat Feb 10, 2007 11:12 pm

Problem: I just bought a laptop with Vista Home Premium. I have gotten rid of my
desktop and am only using the laptop now. I have a d-link dl-524 wireless
router and Road Runner cable high-speed internet service. I reset the router
back to factory settings and re-ran the setup wizard with the router
hard-wired to the laptop. I can see the wireless network when I view
available networks. I can connect to the internet through the router as long
as it is wired directly to my laptop. But, when I unplug and try to use the
wireless connection, I get an error message that the settings in my computer
do not match the required settings of the router. I have the router set to
automatically obtain an IP address and I have it set to WEP 128-byte. If I
add a wireless network and enter the password required, then set it to
automatically connect, I can't get to the internet at all and have to go back
and delete it.

I don't know much about networking -- when I had XP on my desktop, I just
plugged it in, ran the wizard and was good to go. I'm really lost on what
steps I might be missing. Is it because I don't have a computer that will
always be connected to the router? If not, can someone give me step by step
instructions for how to set this up in vista?

Thank you!

Solution: Well, I had been to all of those screens before -- but I started from scratch
and followed the steps in order. When I tried to connect, I got an error
message but when I followed the prompts, it opened the wireless network
properties and, guessing, I changed the security type from none to shared and
it worked!!!!!

So, now I'm connected --- and hopefully secure.

Thank you for your help!
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