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Solved: An incorrect client name appears in TS

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Solved: An incorrect client name appears in TS

Postby blin » Mon Dec 04, 2006 11:06 pm

Q: I used to have Terminal Server running on Windows 2000 Server, but recently
moved to Windows 2003 Server. The old Win2K server has been depricated, and
Win2003 TS is working fine, with one very annoying exception.

We're using device CAL's, (about 15), and on newer computer clients there is
no problem yet, but many older client computers have been renamed, some a
couple years ago, but TS is still showing the CAL's in use being linked to
the *original* computer names, not the current ones! I can find these old
computer names *nowhere* in Active Directory, DNS, WINS. DHCP, etc., and
cannot ping them via their old names, but this is what Terminal Server still
lists them as.

I'm assuming this was somehow carried over from the old Win2K TS, (2003
install was using 2000 license server for a while), but it makes it
impossible to tell what computers are actually grabbing the CAL's, since
it's showing their old names, and we have no record of which old names
associate to the newer names.

Is there any way I can get TS2003 to list the current computer names, and
not the old names that were changed, in some cases, a couple years ago?? I
just can't figure where it's getting these old names from.

A: Accoring to http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=927074, "This behavior occurs because the Windows Server 2003 license server does not check for the current name of the client computer. Instead, the license server retrieves the name from the CAL that the client uses".
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