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How to: conenct two computer wirelessly

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How to: conenct two computer wirelessly

Postby blin » Wed Feb 14, 2007 12:53 pm

Q: Okay. I want to connect two computer together wirelessly so that I could
transfer files and do other stuff. Both computer have wireless card built
in. How do I go about setting up the two laptop so that it can connect to
each other? Do I need a router if I am going to connect using ad-hoc? Do I
need high speed internet in order to connect the two computer? (I don't have
high speed internet) One laptop is running windows vista home basic(32bit)
and the other laptop is running xp. Also, what else do I need to do if I
want to play games (Age of Empire) between the two computer wirelessly?

A: You may want to setup Ad Hoc connection. This how to may help,

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A: In my opinion, you would soon WANT high speed internet. If you know
which kind of service (ie. cable or dsl) you would get if you got it,
then wireless modem/router combinations are really pretty cheap now.
Most include hardwire connections as well. The other good thing about
a router-based network is the ease of adding additional components
(digital cameras, MP3 players, media extenders) as you need them.

You don't need to have cable or dsl to use a router (obviously) -- it
just saves money if you might ever get highspeed, because the
router/modem combos are usually cheaper than the switches (in the low
end of the market).

Anyway, if you really want to go ad-hoc, a pretty good step by step is

http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/usin ... ril08.mspx

For XP. Once you set that up, try:

http://windowshelp.microsoft.com/Window ... c1033.mspx

The combination of the two should get you going.

Also, most routers come with an install CD that configures each
computer and the router for you, making installation of home LANs very

Good luck!

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