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Windows 2008 TS Web Access Client requirements

RRAS, VPN, TS/RDP, Routing and remote Access.

Windows 2008 TS Web Access Client requirements

Postby guest » Mon Mar 24, 2008 10:10 am

I am running a TS Web Access with TS Gateway as a front-end for my back-end
Windows Server 2008 terminal servers.

It works fine from the TS servers itself but when i make a connection to the
webinterface from a XP SP2 client or a Vista RTM i get the following error:

ActiveX control not installed or not enabled
The Terminal Services ActiveX Client control is not available. Before you
can access remote programs and connect to remote desktops through TS Web
Access, you must install and enable this ActiveX control.

The ActiveX popups and i install the component but stille get this error.
The site is trusted in IE.

I cannot use a solution with that all my client must have XP SP3 og Vista
SP1 - as this solution should be valid for at least XP SP2 clients and clean
Vista machines.

Can you supple my with a link to an updated ActiveX og a downloadable client
which will fix my problem

- the clients must run rdp client 6.1, which is included in XP SP3 and Vista SP1. Please refer to this article:
943887 - Client requirements for Terminal Services Web Access in
Windows Server 2008 RC0
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