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How to recover crashed WSS

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How to recover crashed WSS

Postby guest » Sat Apr 26, 2008 11:48 am

Since all the WSS site contents are stored in the content database. We can restore the content database to recover the site.

If this is a stand-alone installation, it uses SQL Server embedded edition as the backend database server. In this case, the backend databases are stored in the following location:


By default, the format of the first content database name is WSS_Content, and for the later content databases, the db name is WSS_Content_xxxxxx.

If this is a WFE installation and you have a dedicated backend SQL Server, please find the above content databases in the SQL Server instance.

We may backup these content database (.mdf and .ldf) files, uninstall WSS 3.0 from the server, and then reinstall WSS 3.0 and apply Service Pack 1. After that, attach the content databases to the SQL Server
embedded edition instance if it is a standalone installation. For more information about how to attach database in SQL Server, see below:

How to move SQL Server databases to a new location by using Detach and Attach functions in SQL Server

If this is a WFE installation and you have a SQL Server as the backend db server, the content databases still exist on the SQL Server instance, we can skip the attach database step and go ahead to the next step
directly to restore the web application by using the original content database.

a. Open SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration> Application Management
b. Click Content databases.
c. Select the web application.
d. Add a new content database.
e. Specify the database name we have written down.
f. Click OK.
g. Repeat the steps a-f to attach the three other content databases.

More information
Manage content databases (Windows SharePoint Services)
http://technet2.microsoft.com/windowsse ... x?mfr=true

Migrate content databases
http://technet2.microsoft.com/windowsse ... x?mfr=true
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