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Windows 2008 DC/DNS problem

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Windows 2008 DC/DNS problem

Postby guest » Sat Jun 14, 2008 12:34 pm

after promoting a Windows 2008 Server to a domain controller, there are DNS problems on your machine.

Before taking any action, I would like to know more information about this
1. can you ping the machine by name? by IP address?
2. is the 2008 DC also a DNS server?
3. can you see the corresponding record of this DC in the DNS Zones?

Problem analysis
When doing nslookup, the machine name cannot be solved, which means that
either the DNS server is down or the machine does not register itself in
the DNS server.

Please try to restart netlogon service on the Windows 2008 DC and check the
problem again. To do this:
1. Click Start -> Run
2. type Services.msc
3. locate Net Logon and restart it.
4. try to nslookup at the server and the client again.

Also, please uninstall IPV6 and ensure IPV4 reverse lookup zone and
DC/DNS's IPV4 PTR record is created correctly.
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