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nslookup fails in windows 2008

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nslookup fails in windows 2008

Postby guest » Sat Jun 14, 2008 12:37 pm

nslookup fails sometimes and you have to restart DNS service on Windows 2008 Server core.

Please understand we need some information to verify this issue. Before
going further, please help confirm these questions with me:

Question 1: Please let me know more about the network topology.
Question 2: How frequently this issue occurs?
Question 3: How many DNS zones are loaded on Server core DNS server?

Thank you.

Problem Analyze:
Based on my research, this issue can occur if one of the following is true:

1. DNS cache on Server core is polluted.
2. DNS service is not running correctly on Server core.

Note: I performed further research on this topic. Based on my research,
this is not a known issue on Windows 2008 Server core installation. I will
work with you to resolve this problem. I suggest you setup a new DNS server
so that we can focus on Windows 2008 Server core installation to
troubleshoot this issue.

Troubleshooting Plan:

Suggestion 1: Reproduce the problem:
1. Please reproduce this problem on Windows 2008 Server core.
2. when this issue re-occurs, please try these steps to gather more

--- what is the error message returned to NSLOOKUP.
--- please try to query internal A/PTR/CNAME/SRV records, please check if
they are all failing.
--- Please try to query external records, check if they are failing.

Suggestion 2: capture network traffic on client side:
Note: Please run these steps when this issue reoccurs.

1. Please download and install network monitor from the following link:
Microsoft Network Monitor 3.1
http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/deta ... f4d8-4213-

2. Run Network Monitor. On the start page, please select the correct NIC to
monitor. Go to File-> New -> Capture
3. Press F10 to start the capture
4. Try to run nslookup commands to query DNS records against Windows 2008
Server core.
5. Please try different types of records and then stop capture.
6. Save the Capture, By default, the file path is: C:\Documents and
Settings\Account Name\My Documents\My Network Monitor\Captures
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