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Some questions regarding windows cluster

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Some questions regarding windows cluster

Postby guest » Sun Nov 16, 2008 5:30 pm

> Hi
> Could you help me to find answer for questions?:
> 1. Can I set up more than one cluster on one iSCSI SAN (DELL MD3000i)? I
> found somewhere that Microsoft recommends only one cluster per SAN.

Yes you can, permitting that your storage vendor supports this (ask Dell)

> 2. Can I set up SQL failover cluster like that:
> - First node as passive
> - Second node as active serves database A
> - Third node as active serves database B
> When second or Third node will fail database A or B will be switched to
> First node.

Yes you can, you will have to build a 3 node Failover Cluster, then run SQL
setup to install two instances in your cluster see SQL books online for
details. Once you have the two instances move A to node 2 and B to node 3.

> 3. What is the best practice for cluster for IIS?

You should use NLB cluster for IIS, not Failover Clustering. You cannot run
NLB and Failover Cluster on the same machines, you need to run your IIS /
NLB cluster on seperate machines than your SQL Failover Cluster

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