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Folder share with cluster failover

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Folder share with cluster failover

Postby guest » Sun Nov 16, 2008 10:04 pm

> Hi,
> I have a 2 node failover cluster with Windows 2003 R2.
> I have a group with 2 resources: 1 IP and 1 lun from a san so that I can
> move this group and not interrupting folder sharing.
> It works, but when I restart one node, during startup it doesn't find
> the drive the shares belong to and delete the shares.

In the cluster group with your IP and LUN, using cluster administrator:
1) add a network name resource (make it dependent on your IP)
2) add a FileShare resource (make it dependent on your LUN and Network name)
3) add as many FileShare resources as you need (make it dependent on your
LUN and Network name)

now your users can connect to the \\"NetworkName"\"sharename"


> I've made a script which reimport in the registry the share definitions
> and if I stop e restart the server service it's all ok but I need to
> have the resource in that node first.

do not share directories on a clustered disk by right-clicking and
sharing.... that will only share on the node, not in the cluster
(see above about clustering Fileshares)

> How do you manage this situation?
> (Sorry for my english ...)
> Thanks!
> Lorenzo
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