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Slow network speed in windows 2008 server

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Slow network speed in windows 2008 server

Postby guest » Sun Nov 23, 2008 11:10 am

Thanks for that
Fixed the problem. Actually, your reply focused me into looking at the
Network Adaptor properties which are a bit scary. None of your names showed
up in my properties so I did some googling to see which option was the
receive side scaling and did a search on Marvel Yukon and found a post
relating to the flow control being set to disabled by default. As I have no
idea about any of these, I tried this as it was easy to do. Disabled the
adapter and re-enabled and the problem had gone.
So you really got me back on course there. I thought it was an O/S thing as
it had worked fine on 2003 but I think that 2008 handles offloading
differently and perhaps that was part of the issue. Marvel Yukon now have
this on by default for Vista / 2008.
Many thanks

"Meinolf Weber" wrote:

> Hello James,
> Check out this one's step by step, on the 2008:
> Disable receive-side scaling
> Disable chimney offload state
> Disable receive window auto tuning
> Disable offloading in the network adapter properties
> Disable IPv6 in the network adapter
> The steps are done one by one to see it's result.
> Best regards
> Meinolf Weber

> > I have a server I recently upgraded from 2003 64bit to 2008 64 bit
> >
> > Its a barebone system with
> > Intel P35/G33/G31 Chipset
> > Phoenix Technologies Bios
> > Intel Core Duo E6750 Processor
> > 4GB RAM
> > Single Gigabit NIC - Generic Marvel Yukon 88E8056 Based Ethernet
> > Controller
> > I upgraded because I wanted to have better experience on 2008, to use
> > the Virtualisation and also because I share the server on a KMV with
> > two other machines and now use a wide screen display and there was no
> > VGA driver that worked with 2003 64 bit to support it (there was a
> > Vista 64bit one and that works fine)
> >
> > I'm running AD on it as well as SQL Server 2005. Its primarily for
> > testing etc but I run real services from it so its in a semi live
> > environment so we can do real tests!
> >
> > I did a clean install of 2008 Enterprise 64 bit and installed the core
> > drivers - actually only the VGA was needed as 2008 recognised
> > everything else. I ran all the MS upgrades and patches and added the
> > roles of AD and migrated the domain. (I used a second PC to
> > temporarily transfer the AD roles to then moved them back to the 2008
> > server. That all worked fine. I added DNS and DHCP and configured all
> > and it all worked. Everything seemed fine but I didn't really notice
> > or test network speeds. I then added HyperV and noticed after setting
> > up a Virtual machine, that the DHCP didn't work. I discovered that
> > HyperV can not use the same NIC as DHCP so I temporarily turned off
> > the DHCP. (I will add a second NIC once the other issues are resolved)
> >
> > Apart from that all seemed fine. Then I discovered really slow network
> > transfers from the Server to the XP Workstations. I have no Vista PCs
> > to test on as we are all retaining XP so it needs to work with XP.
> > From XP to Server is fine. They are only on 100mbs so the throughput
> > matches that. But file transfers from the 2008 Server to the XP
> > machines is very slow. Like slightly under 10mbs. Or 30secs for a
> > single 25MB file vs 3 secs the other way.
> >
> > I have not added any AV tot he server yet. I hate Symantec Endpoint.
> > Its bloated rubbish and screwed up my 2003 server previously. Will
> > probably put Symantec Corporate on when all is sorted but behind great
> > gateway AV so not a huge problem at this stage. Nothing much else
> > installed except core MS stuff inc SQL 2005 and IIS 7 roles.
> >
> > I tried killing none crucial services, reinstalling NIC drivers,
> > disabling
> > the firewall. I removed the Virtual Lan from Hyper-V so its currently
> > offline. No change.
> > I read that Vista had issues that were fixed in SP1 but 2008 should
> > have
> > those fixes already applied. I haven't yet messed with the NIC driver
> > settings as there are a bunch and I really have no idea where to
> > start there
> > but realistically I shouldn't have to change them - or should I? I've
> > run out
> > of things to try - still inbound is fast, outbound is slow. I had
> > three IPs
> > on the NIC but tried removing all but one. I unchecked IP6 from the
> > NIC
> > Bindings. No Change. Simple Gigabit switch. No Firewalls on internal
> > subnet,
> > 2008 Firewall disabled, no virtual LANs, no DHCP - only AD and DNS.
> > Its
> > really really frustrating. I'm pretty clued up on this stuff and have
> > played
> > with 2008 a fair bit now but this one has me temporarily stymied.
> > Any clues would really help. Nothing on Google searches has revealed
> > anything that helps. Would really appreciate some input here. Many
> > thanks
> >
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