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Supported Cluster Topologies

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Supported Cluster Topologies

Postby guest » Wed Dec 10, 2008 12:01 am

Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 supports five different cluster topologies. Each topology has implications for performance and accessibility. The topologies involve at least one and possibly three different networks: Public, Private, and Message Passing Interface (MPI). In this documentation, these terms are defined as follows:

Term Definition
Public network
An organizational network connected to the head node and optionally, the cluster compute nodes. The public network is often the business or organizational network most users log onto to perform their work. All intra-cluster management and deployment traffic is carried on the public network unless a private network (and optionally, an MPI network) also connect the cluster nodes.

Private network
A dedicated network that carries intra-cluster communication between nodes. This network, if it exists, carries management, deployment, and MPI traffic if no MPI network exists.

MPI network
A dedicated network, preferably high bandwidth and low latency, that carries parallel MPI application communication between cluster nodes. This network, if it exists, is usually the highest bandwidth network of the three listed here.

If the jobs you intend to submit to the cluster do not use MPI libraries, no MPI traffic will be generated and an MPI network is not needed.
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