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Best way to setup 4 nodes in windows cluster

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Best way to setup 4 nodes in windows cluster

Postby guest » Wed Dec 10, 2008 11:21 am

2 Node Active/Passive Cluster:
- Simple, easy to setup (relatively)
- No need to worry about multi-failovers.

4 Nodes Multi-node, 2 Active Instances
- I think if you are going to have 2 active and 2 passive might as well
stick with option #1.

Multi-node, multi-instance configuration
- Complicated; now you have to take into account the affects of all nodes
failing over to one node and the performace issues that come with it.

Few notes:
- SQL Server Clustering, is Fail-Over clustering not Load Balancing; you can
achive Load Balancing by means of Replication.
- The Cluster nodes; share the disks that are configured for SQL Server and
the Quorum (SAN/NAS).
- In a multi-node configuraiton you might want to consider doing disk mounts
instead of dirve letters for all the hard-drives.


Mohit K. Gupta
B.Sc. CS, Minor Japanese
MCTS: SQL Server 2005

"Michael Kugler" wrote:

> Hi,
> we have 4 identical nodes each with 1TB RAID10 drive. Accessing a
> quorum over Fibre Channels is also possible
> We want the best mix of performance and data safety.
> I'm not sure if I should create
> 2 two node active/passive cluster and set up a load balancing
> or
> set up all 4 nodes as a multi node cluster and run 2 SQL Server
> Groups on it.
> or
> just set it up as on multi node cluster with the SQL Server over all
> nodes.
> There is also one thing to think about. It should be possible to
> either to move a part of the cluster or add some nodes in an other
> computer center which is connected by 1Gbit Ethernet.
> Regards,
> Michael
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