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Wireless "acquiring network address"

Wi-Fi, Mobile phone.

Wireless "acquiring network address"

Postby guest » Fri Jan 02, 2009 5:24 pm

In most cases, this is wireless security setting issue. For troubleshooting, setup the wireless without security. Does that fix the problem? Or this search result may help.

Acquiring network addressWhen that happens, the LAN icon in the tray shows "Acquiring network address". The ipconfig command receives IP address. ...

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> hi all
> I have a laptop from my work that I want to use to connect to my home
> wireless network. The network works fine for all other computers
> (wireless as well as wired). My laptop however very oftenly at
> irregular times disconnects from the internet (wireless icon in the
> system tray indicates he is searching and message "acquiring network
> address" is displayed). It works when he is connected but I get thrown
> off very often which is disturbing. I have set my router to broadcast
> SSID instead of hide it but for the rest, I have no clue what I can
> do. I have xp professional SP2 with the windows update that adds WPA2
> functionality in the drop down menu.
> Thanks
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