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Will not shutdown after adding new wireless NIC

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Will not shutdown after adding new wireless NIC

Postby guest » Mon Jan 12, 2009 1:32 pm

> I put a new AirLink101 WLAN PCI card in a HP Compaq D530 tower and it works
> fine.
> Problem is during typical Windows shutdown, the computer goes thru all the
> normal shutdown activity and then reboots as if I had selected a restart.
> Holding in the power button will shut it down but that does not
> appropriately close files you know...
> I pulled the card out of the PCI slot and a shutdown works normal as it
> should with no restarting. When I reinstall the card the problem returns.
> I have check for power management settings and cannot find anything specific
> to change. Any ideas???

Which version of the drivers? Did you check for a newer version from
the card's manufacturer's web site? Several other manufacturers do
provide updated drivers, off their tech support web site.
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