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How to: Migrate Exchange from SBS to a Windows server

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How to: Migrate Exchange from SBS to a Windows server

Postby chicagotech » Fri Mar 30, 2007 5:04 pm

1. Run netdiag and dcdiag before install the Exchange.
2. Install IIS, web service, SMTP, NNTP, ASP.Net. Install RPC Over HTTP Proxy if you would like to use RPC Over HTTP.
3. Install Exchange as additional Exchange server on the new Windows server.
4. Replicate all public folder. Open System Manager, expand Administrative Groups>First Administrative Group>Server. You should have two Exchange servers, SBSExch and ExcahngeStandard. Expand the SBS Exchange Server>First Storage Group>Public Folders, right-click each public folder you want to replicate, and then click Properties. Click the Replication tab, and then click Add. Select the name of the new server where you want a replica of this public folder and then click OK and click OK to finish. Repeat steps for all the Public Folders. you must turn off replication for each public folder after synchronizing.
5. Assign the new server as the routing group master. To do this, expand First Administrative Group >expand Routing Groups, and then expand First Routing Group. Click Members, right-click the new server in the right pane that you want to make the routing group master, and then click Set as Master.
6. Re-assign Connectors. Go to the properties of each connector change the Local bridgeheads to the new Exchange server.
7. Move mailboxes. Expand the SBS Exchange Server>First Storage Group>Mailboxes. In the right pane, select all mailboxes you wish to move. Then right click, and click Exchange Tasks. Click Next on the Exchange Task Wizard. On the Available Tasks page, under Select a task to perform, click Move Mailbox, and then click Next. On the Move Mailbox page, click the destination server that is in the Server list, click a mailbox store in the Mailbox Store list, and then click Next.
8. Switch the Recipient Update Services from SBS to the new Exchange server. To do that, open Exchange Systme Manager>Recipients>Recipient Update Services. Right-click on the Recipient Update Services (domainname), select Properties, browse the new Exchange server and the DC. Click OK to save it.
9. Uninstall Exchange on SBS. G to Control Panel and double click Add or Remove Programmes. Select Windows Small Business Server from the list of programmes and click Change/Remove. Click through the wizard until your reach the components selection page.
In the Action column, select Remove from the drop down list. Click Next twice. Exchange will then be uninstalled from the server. Then reboot the SBS.
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